Go-to holiday traditions


The holiday season for many people is a time for contemplation, giving, cheer and spending quality time with loved ones and well-wishers. Many spend that time with loved ones by partaking in special holiday traditions year after year. Whether you choose to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or any other winter festivals and holidays held worldwide, there is something special that you can associate with the season. Here are three common traditions upheld during this period.

Holiday Light Festivals and Fireworks Ceremonies

For many individuals, the holidays are synonymous with some form of lights or fireworks ceremony and it is tradition to spend an evening or two observing and participating in local displays. These celebrations range from simple at-home tree or house lightings to massive city-wide light displays such as the recently held Hotel Dieu Shaver Tree of Lights Celebration in St. Catharines and fireworks shows such as the upcoming New Year’s Eve Dinner and Fireworks at the Skylon Tower in Niagara Falls.

Family Reunions

A big part of the holiday season at the end of each year is family coming together. This period is usually one of the few times when all or the majority of family members can come together in the same place to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company. It’s the time that is filled with stories and updates on the lives of family members you probably have not seen or heard from for the greater part of the year, food cooked from recipes that have run in the family for generations, binge-watching movies and decorating the house and Christmas tree (if you celebrate Christmas).

Giving to Charity

Lots of people consider the holidays as the “season of giving” and make their traditions about being charitable. Around this time, a number of drives and collection jars can be found throughout the community. As Canadians, we tend to enjoy a higher average quality of life than many individuals from recovering nations — and even within our own country — even if we do not notice it. While that is wonderful and something to be thankful for, there are many families living in poverty, without freedom or opportunity. If you are able to, why not share something with someone who might not be in as good of a position as you? It doesn’t have to be a donation to a mainstream charity as joy can be spread in an almost endless amount of ways.

Do you have a family reunion in the same location every season? Do you watch the same Christmas or holiday-themed movie(s) with your family every year? Do you do something special while you make a wish on New Year’s Eve? Do you make a special family recipe each year? Do you attend or host your own imagining of any festivals? No matter what it is that makes this time of year beautiful for you and your loved ones, just ensure you make the most of the season and the time you have. Spread joy, give to charity, eat good food, laugh with friends and family and enjoy the life you have.


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