Workshops available this exam season


With students preparing for exams, stress is a given part of campus life.

A variety of Brock departments acknowledge the stress that the holiday season brings many students and aim to reduce it by providing workshops until exams. Brock is seeking to ease the stress that students feel in advance of finals.

This year Brock is offering several workshops including Essay Writing, Academic Writing II: Body, Essay Clinic, How to Develop and Deliver an Effective Presentation, Exam Prep and more.

Essay writing is a workshop held by A-Z Learning Services, also known as the Student Success Centre. A-Z Learning Services provides free academic help for Brock students, with the goal to help students succeed to the best of their ability. A-Z Learning Services offers a variety of workshops for students as well as a Drop-In Centre located in the Learning Commons for aid in math, science, writing and study skills.

This specific workshop is geared towards students looking to master essay-writing. A-Z Learning Services focuses on analyzing the assignment, narrowing your topic, collecting information, organizing research, developing a thesis statement, writing a first draft and revising your final paper.

Academic Writing II: Body is a workshop held by Brock International and is only open to international students. This workshop helps to properly develop a body of an essay by focusing on the understanding, planning and writing stages.

Essay Clinic is a workshop hosted in the fall and winter terms for upper-year honours English students that are looking for constructive feedback on their essays. This workshop is hosted by Brock English Students Association and seeks to provide students with the maximum amount of success when it comes to writing their academic essays.

How to Develop and Deliver an Effective Presentation is a workshop hosted by Brock International and similarly to Academic Writing II: Body is only open to those who are international students. This workshop is designed to provide students with the knowledge of planning and delivering an engaging and effective in-class presentation. This workshop also focuses on international students being comfortable presenting in a language that is not their first language.

Exam Prep is a workshop hosted by A-Z Learning Services and offered to students of Brock that are looking for new strategies when it comes to exams. Sometimes strategies tend to die off or get boring, so this workshop provides students with new techniques to increase their skills. This workshop explores different exam formats and explores strategies that help students understand how they learn best in time for finals.

Katie Oberle, a second year student in Concurrent Education, finds these workshops help her to stay focused on school while also allowing her to enjoy the holiday season.

“For me, this season is very stressful as I am trying to Christmas shop for my family and attend family events, all while trying to meet the deadlines for my final assignments and study for exams. In first year, I didn’t know much about these workshops and because of that I never attended one but this year I heard about them through friends and around the school so I thought that I would attend and I’m really grateful that I did,” said Oberle. “These workshops really help me to go into my exams feeling that extra bit confident and prepared. In first year, I feel like I missed out on the holiday season and didn’t get to enjoy it as much because of the constant stress of exams, but this year, after already attending a few workshops, I already feel less stressed and am excited for this season. I recommend these workshops to anyone and everyone at Brock.”

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