With Remembrance Day ahead, lest we forget to wear a poppy


Remembrance Day is coming up this weekend, and everyone should be wearing their poppies this week. Traditional poppies are being worn from October 27 until sunset on November 11 this year to honour those who have fought for our country. While the traditional poppies are a staple in Canadian culture — watch any hockey game and you’ll see the likes of Mike Babcock, Claude Julien, Paul Maurice and others sporting them on their jackets. Don Cherry will likely make a touching tribute this upcoming Saturday on Hockey Night in Canada. It’s a special two weeks where everyone in our country is asked to donate a small, small token to be able to wear something that represents so much.

Though, this year, it seems like there are plenty of people who have let that first week of time slip away from them. There are still so many people I pass by in the halls of the university, at hockey rinks and grocery stores who are not wearing a poppy.

Why do we have so many people who don’t wear poppies? Make a small donation to get a poppy, and wear it.

For those who may not like wearing the poppy or trying to keep track of it throughout the day making sure it doesn’t fall off, there is now an online initiative for poppies.

On www.myPoppy.ca — Canadians can make a donation online and personalize their poppy, allowing them to share their respect in a different way. Simply put, the world keeps adjusting to the more-and-more tech savvy culture we live in, and now, even poppies are available online.

For those of you who will read this article this week, go out and find someone who is asking for donations for poppies, make a small donation, make a kind gesture, smile and thank veterans for their service, and sport the poppy until sunset on November 11.

It is more and more important to recognize and acknowledge these symbols of honour and sacrifice.

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