What did Grey’s Anatomy prove to us after last weeks episode?


Last week I wrote about the beloved Grey’s Anatomy and how — sadly — we seem to be nearing an end that is written in the stars with the way the episodes are going. After watching the previews leading up to this past week’s episode, I thought maybe the show would take a spin and prove me wrong. Prove that they still have the magic to turn the show around in just one episode and have people at the edge of their seats waiting for the next one.

I was let down. No such excitement existed throughout that episode.

The theme of the episode was Day of the Dead, a holiday which the show had never aired on before. Needless to say, the show could have done so much more with it. Maggie spent the day being dreary, understandably, but there has to be more than just seeing Jackson bring her food.

The end of the episode, where Meredith is leaving the hospital, the Spanish version of Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars” was one of the most poetic parts of the episode. Though, when a song is what pulls on your emotional strings the most, not so much the scene to go along with it, that feeling wears off pretty quickly.

When DeLuca was preparing the little girl for surgery, there was barely any backstory at all. I was so confused when she didn’t want him to do her surgery — it wasn’t until someone actually said that she had a crush on him that I understood what was going on. But, it’s unrealistic to think the show somehow doesn’t have time to present the stories of patients during the episode. Richard tells Meredith about her father, Thatcher, being in hospice. Meredith pulls her usual Meredith and kindly thanks Richard for telling her about her father, and then walks away.

The show never involves Thatcher in the episode, not to mention they don’t make it seem as though the topic will even be brought up again. Maybe that’s not true, because it would be unlike Richard to just let it go the way Meredith is able to with most situations.

Each episode gets less and less exciting, and that’s not what Grey’s Anatomy is supposed to be like — at all. Last week I advocated for this season to be the last, but now I am asking the writers to please make this season more meaningful.

Grey’s is not a show that is supposed to go off with a mediocre final season where fans slowly stop watching and by May of 2019 we all just assume the show is being cancelled, saving us from the emotional announcement that the show is over. This season needs something better than an orthopaedic surgeon hitting on Meredith Grey. It needs less of the main characters running off for “vacations” to “figure out their life” leading to a two or three episode hiatus.

Come on, it just needs to be better.

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