Volunteers fuel Fall Preview Day

Photo Credit: Zoe Archambault

Photo Credit: Zoe Archambault

Fall Preview Day is a full day recruitment event for prospective students interested in attending Brock University in Fall 2019. This is a day to learn all about the history of Brock, the campus and the services offered, as well as a chance to participate in activities and engage with the university’s resources and departments. The event also serves as a window into Brock’s volunteerism culture.

This past Sunday, Brock offered a variety of presentations, tours, transfer information, details about parking and more. Presentations were provided for each faculty as well as interactive activities. These presentations ran in the faculties of nursing, kinesiology and physical education, sport management, applied health science, education, business, humanities, mathematics and science and social science.

Information sessions were held to provide incoming students with the knowledge of the different residence options offered at Brock, exploring degree-relevant careers, international education and how to finance post-secondary schooling. Brock staff, faculty and students could be found around campus to answer questions and to help future students find their way around campus.

“Fall Preview Day is the University’s largest on-campus recruiting event, offering prospective students the opportunity to experience what Brock has to offer so they have a clear understanding of the Brock community, the supports that are in place and the academic opportunities they can pursue,” said Carly Dugo, a recruitment and liaison officer at Brock.

Running such a large-scale recruitment initiative would not be possible without the work of volunteers. Current staff and students are able to volunteer for the day in order to help guide prospective students and families and field questions. These volunteers, predominantly clad in Brock’s signature shade of red, ran tours, booths and other efforts to provide information in an accessible way and to share first-hand experience and wisdom to prospective Badgers.

“At last years’ Fall Preview Day we saw around 4,300 people and we are expecting to break numbers as our pre-registrations for this year’s Fall Preview Day are significantly up,” said Dugo. “This is a day where hundreds of faculty, staff and volunteers from across campus come together to share their Brock stories so students are motivated to place Brock at the top of their University application.”

Maia Andrew, a third year international student in Psychology Co-op, works as a Brock Ambassador. On Sunday, Andrew guided guests to places of interest on campus or “hot spots” and answered any questions prospective students had based on her experiences as a Brock student.

“As an international student it was a challenge for me to get a feel of campus atmosphere and the services offered by schools before I applied to university,” said Andrew. “I wasn’t able to make it to Fall Preview Day but I did, however, go to a university fair in my home country, where a number of foreign universities visited to educate high school students on the opportunities available to them. University fairs and preview days, I think, really help give a feel of what university is like and creates that excitement of starting a new school.”

Beyond noting the importance of providing prospective students with a sense of what will come, Andrew also noted the proficiency with which Brock accomplishes this.

“Brock stood out because of its strong focus on experience, both inside and outside of the classroom, and because they embrace the concept of a global community, with the high acceptance rates of international students. I really enjoy being involved on campus as it has helped me to feel welcome,” said Andrew.

Creating a welcoming environment for prospective students and their families allows for an easier transition to university, which is what Fall Preview Day aims to do. Volunteering at this event, and around Brock, allows for opportunities to foster the next generation of Brock students.

“Volunteering or finding a job on campus can open doors for students that they may have not anticipated before, through the power of networking, as well as to help them discover new passions that may impact their choice of careers or how they apply their degree to their everyday life. Brock provides some amazing volunteer opportunities for students that I think should really be taken advantage of,” Andrew said.

For more information on Fall Preview Day head to discover.brocku.ca/fallpreviewday/.


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