The stress of exams is upon us, so let’s remember to not procrastinate


We’ve approached the time of the semester where everyone is dealing with insurmountable stress. There’s no — some people have midterms and some don’t. There’s no “having time off before the next exam” — it’s all upon us, and everyone is eyeing the day on the calendar with their last exam to throw the confetti in the air.

As we approach the month of December, everyone begins to look forward to their time off from school, work and the opportunity to spend time with family and friends. While it is surely a time most people look forward to, some people have more stress leading into the holiday season than others.

For most university and college students, it’s hard to find time to be excited and begin looking forward to having time off at the end of December and beginning of January. For students, we get up to five final exams to study for, final papers and essays due, and anything else in between. The excitement of the holiday break quickly dissipates when students remember they have the most stressful three weeks of their semester ahead of them before that time off.

On top of everyone’s lives being so incredibly full of school work, jobs, and preparing to go home for Christmas (or returning to your job at home for two weeks because most of us still need an income for those “two weeks off”) — most of the time it is too stressful for us to even talk about how stressful our lives are at this time of year.

Then comes the entrapment of being so stressed out about all of your exams that it overwhelms you and you decide that catching up on lost sleep is a better choice for your mental health.

Just remember everyone, the stress levels will be all gone after your final exam or paper is turned in. The more you space out your studying and the earlier you start to prepare for your exams, the less stress you will feel the night before or even the day of.

Don’t procrastinate, and don’t let the excitement of the break get in your way. Prepare for all of your exams, have a positive attitude towards them, and go into those exams with the confidence that you’re going to do insanely well on them. After all, that holiday break is much more enjoyable when you’re not worried about having just flunked an exam.

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