The story of Toy Story


There are few things that can reignite the nostalgia of childhood like a classic Disney movie. We all have that specific movie or two, but Toy Story has always been that one for me. It’s a movie that I could watch on repeat or even put on to this day and still be entranced by the cartoon magic.

Not only is it a classic, but Toy Story was the first ever computer animated feature film, and it’s represents our introduction to the Pixar brand. Disney-Pixar could not have begun its historic dominance of children’s films on a better note, and the younger version of me could not have been more stoked. This franchise began back in 1995, and I was born in 1996. So, quite literally, I have grown up with this movie and its characters. Buzz and Woody are my boys, so when Toy Story 3 was released in 2010 — 11 years after Toy Story 2 — it was quite a pleasant surprise.

I thought we had seen the end, but then we were all drawn back in. It was awesome. And you know what? The third film was perfect. Many consider it to be better than the first two, which is generally hard to do within film. What Toy Story 3 really did, though, is provide a sense of closure for those who had grown up with the franchise. Andy had grown old and given his toys away. It was a symbolic nod to all who watched the movie as children. It was time to move on and it was pretty emotional, because who doesn’t want to be back in those days again?

Fast forward to November 12, 2018. I’m scrolling through my Twitter feed, as a now 21 year-old, and a one minute and 27 second video clip crosses my screen.

Hello, what’s this?

Well I’ll tell you: Toy Story 4 is coming to theatres in Summer 2019. So much for that closure. I honestly did not see this one coming. I guess this can be considered another movie that’s simply going along with the common theme of today’s film industry: why stray away from an idea that’s a guaranteed money maker? Well frankly, I don’t really care what their motivations are, because as long as they bring back the same voice acting I can’t see how this movie could be a flop. I can only imagine how many of Disney Pixar’s resources have been put into this. They’ve had nine years to get it right and I’d hope that they’ve made the most of that time.

At this point, I’m really just curious where they’re going to go with the story. I really thought the third movie was the end; are they going to kill off characters? I would hope not. Are they going to leave a cliff-hanger so the opportunity is there for another movie? We shall see.

Another thing that is really exciting about the short sneak peeks that have been released on the Toy Story Twitter account are that the voices of Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele are joining in on the cast as stuffed animals “Ducky” and “Bunny”. What a great addition to the already star-studded cast including Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, among others.

To this point, the sneak peeks have been pretty limited in terms of showing what is actually going to take place in the movie, so at this point we will just have to wait and see. The bright side is that even though we’ve been without a Toy Story for nine years, we hadn’t known there was another coming, so now we only have to stick it out and wait until the summer.

I’m counting down the days — to infinity and beyond.


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