Student performers featured at concert

Photo Credit: Zoe Archambault

Photo Credit: Zoe Archambault

In an effort to continually showcase the musical talent of Brock students and alumni, the live music club, GoLive, hosted GoLive & Indoorshoes Presents: Valley ft. GoLive Band.

The three-hour event, held on November 21 at the Warehouse Concert Hall in downtown St. Catharines, saw performances from two local student-led bands, namely the GoLive Band and The Treetops, as well as Canadian indie pop band, Valley, which is based out of Toronto. For the entirety of the night, technical issues plagued the performances, however the show went on.

To open the night, the newly named GoLive Band took the stage and performed a rendition of their song “How do you like me now?”, The GoLive Band, consisting of Sophia Deluca, Wasim Demachkie, Noah Culp, Jesse Chappell and Chase Chappell, played a full 45-minute set featuring a number of original songs, as well as covers of popular songs.

The GoLive team has come a long way since its inception.

“I first joined GoLive during the early stages when it was only a couple of months old from being ratified,” said Demachkie, a fourth year Business Communications student. “I was a lonely second year Brock student who wanted to meet more quality people through the art of music and found that this club provided that.”

Demachkie, now in his fifth year at the university, has stayed with GoLive and serves as the club’s Public Relations and Communications Chair.

GoLive is a live music club at Brock University which aims to connect people through music. Routinely the club hosts events such as open mic nights, jam sessions and live music concerts to highlight the plethora of musical talents present among the students of the university. A major focus of GoLive is the promotion of local independent music. The club typically hosts their off-campus events in partnership with IndoorShoes Music, an independent concert promotions company for the Niagara region. While the organization is known to host events at other venues, IndoorShoes is the primary booking and promotions arm for Warehouse Concert Hall which is also the main off-campus venue used by GoLive.

The GoLive team has faced difficulty finding rehearsal space, however.

“The biggest challenge at the moment is getting the downtown arts school to allow us to use their rehearsal facilities, as only music majors are allowed to use them at the moment,” said Demachkie. “We have a lot of talented students here at Brock University and it is essential that we promote and encourage any artistic practice.”

Following their performance at Warehouse, the band relinquished the stage to other Brock student-led band, The Treetops. The Treetops, consisting of Brock students Vanessa Lepp, Alexandra Li Tomulescu, Marv Bell, Scotty Blake and Ethan Churchill played a 45-minute set with some of their older music, new music and songs off of their EP Roots, paving the way for the headline performance of the night by Valley. Valley is comprised of four members, namely, Michael Brandolino, Rob Laska, Karah McGillivray and Alex Dimauro. The band played a full one-hour set and performed music from their previous EPs Car Test and This Room is White.

Students interested in keeping up with the budding music scene at Brock can follow GoLive on their Instagram and Facebook pages, using the handles @golivebrocku. The next major event from GoLive is hosting local indie band The Bae Beach Club, which will occur during Frost Week inside Isaac’s Bar and Grill. Tickets to the event will go on sale on December 7 via Those who are interested, are also encouraged to keep an eye out on ExperienceBU for more events and student talent showcases not only through GoLive but through other similar clubs, organizations and departments as well.

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