Special December Referendum


Do you support the recall of Peter Henen, Vice-President External Affairs, from elected office pursuant to Article XII, section 1 of the Constitution of the Brock University Students’ Union, Inc., effective immediately upon the success of this referendum?

Why the referendum is happening:

The BUSU Board of Directors appointed BUSU President Aidan Hibma to run a petition to recall VPEA Peter Henen after offering him an ultimatum: resign or face impeachment proceedings. Henen did not choose to resign. This petition received more than the necessary amount of signatures to force a Brock University Students’ Administrative Council vote to determine whether the referendum would be ratified. The vote passed, meaning it is now up to the undergraduate student population to make a decision.
The Board is citing chronic absences and lateness — Henen has exhausted all sick days and vacation days, with 24 documented absences — as well as unpreparedness and lack of communication impacting his projects and other BUSU members as reasons behind the recall petition. Henen provided the Board with letters of support from his Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance colleagues. The Board unanimously decided to continue the proceedings.

How you can vote:

You can vote in this referendum between December 4 and Dec. 6, with polls closing at 9:00 p.m. You will receive a link in your Brock email to vote online. Ensure you’re informed about the referendum at hand, and submit your vote.

Why you should vote:

BUSU executives are elected to represent you. and work with the over $1 million in student fees BUSU receives. They are paid a salary from these funds. The Vice President, External Affairs in particular is responsible for lobbying government and otherwise advocating for the student population with external partners and organizations. This referendum is a chance to have your say in whether or not the current VPEA should remain in the role.

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