New app rewards students for exercise


Students seeking extra motivation to hit the gym can now count on a new app to reward them for working out. LifePoints, created by Brock alumnus Ethan Foy, has partnered with the Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) to make this happen.

“We are the app that lets you earn rewards for every good lifestyle decision you make, but we are starting in the fitness industry,” said Foy. “The app currently works by letting the users earn points for any time spent at a fitness facility, and those points can be used to purchase rewards at any of our partnered businesses.”

In a new partnership with BUSU, LifePoints are available for redemption at General Brock, including the Booster Juice location within it. The app also has partnerships with Popeyes and Boston Pizza, both located on Glendale Avenue, and Sky Zone Trampoline Park.

“The goal is to eventually reward people for all good lifestyle decisions,” said Foy. “Eating healthy, spending time outdoors, taking public transit, carpooling, all of those things. Basically, inspiring and motivating each individual will lead to an indirect amelioration of those large issues in the world.”

While students may not see how working out can solve the world’s issues, they can still benefit from cashing in their reward points for health snacks and treats at General Brock.

The app now has a pedometer function, which can benefit both students who work out outdoors and those who begrudgingly trudge from South Block to East Academic for class. LifePoints will increase as students walk. Foy claims this will incentivize health and wellness for students.

“Our whole idea is to allow you to go and live your life, in a positive way, get rewards that help you to continue to live that positive life. So that is the vision we are shooting for,” said Foy.

The partnership with BUSU represents Foy giving back to a community that made LifePoints possible.

“I was BioLinc’s ambassador in 2013 and I worked with them on a bunch of entrepreneurial ideas, and this is the one that took off,” said Foy. “They have been the main source of help. Brock as a whole too, because their research and commercialization departments gave me grants. The Niagara region Small Business Enterprise Centre as well.”

Foy utilized a $14,000 prize awarded to him by Monster Pitch, a competition held annually by the Brock Innovation Group (BIG) in collaboration with Brock’s business entrepreneurship incubator BioLinc and the Goodman School of Business.

While Foy claims the app would be successful on a much larger scale, his focus is on the local community.

“You can come into a community, reward members of that community for their good lifestyle decisions, with rewards also going to local businesses, creating this positive feedback loop. People are being healthier, people are spending money at local shops, raising the economy in that area, and keeping that going. I feel like there is more of a connection if you do it that way,” said Foy.

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