Let’s talk about bus etiquette


Plenty of students at Brock are used to navigating their way around the St. Catharines Transit system. It doesn’t take long for first years to familiarize themselves with what numbers go with which routes and when those buses leave/arrive at Brock. Even for those students who may have the luxury of having a car with them while they’re at Brock, it’s not always the most convenient option to try to find or pay for parking at the school.

So, let’s talk about those buses.

First off, the bus schedule to go anywhere other than Brock is primarily geared towards that “nine-to-five” time-frame. For any students who do their grocery shopping at the Pen Centre, timing your trip there and back with your numerous grocery bags can be a tall task. Even trying to get grocery shopping or other errands done after 5:00 p.m. on a weekday can be a challenge, and when we get into the winter weather season, can lead a lot of students to revert to Uber to get where they need to go.

Ultimately, it would be nice to see the bus schedules be more frequent on weekends. While without classes it should be easier for students to schedule when they need to go out, students oftentimes have to factor in a work schedule, time for doing school work, and the plethora of other things they have to achieve on their weekends to prepare for the week ahead.

Now onto bus etiquette.

When people get on the bus, there are plenty of things that must drive a lot of us crazy. If you’re sitting in a seat and the seat next to you isn’t taken, don’t put your bag there. Come on, people. Leave the seat open for someone. While there are all the signs up asking bus riders to stay seated until the bus has come to a complete stop, we all know two things; one that when getting on the bus, the bus driver usually starts driving right after you’ve swiped your card and you’re left to show your skills of defying the gravity trying to pull you to the floor when the bus driver puts his foot on the gas. Secondly, when we are hoping to get off the bus, we all know that if we wait until the bus has completely stopped, there is legitimate fear that you won’t be able to make it through the crowd of people before the bus driver gives up and shuts the doors.

Let’s all keep the bus a stress-free place. Make room for other people to sit or stand. Don’t give people awful looks if they’re clearly looking for a seat. We’re all living through it.


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