Kinesiology Students Association holds annual gala


Kinesiology students are able to attend a gala each year to celebrate the department and allow for networking with other students, staff and faculty in a night dedicated to Kinesiology.

The event was held November 17 and organized by the Brock Kinesiology Students Association under President and fifth year student Chantale Aquin.

“We host the annual Kin Gala to give the students, faculty and alumni of the Kinesiology department a night that is dedicated to them,” said Aquin. “It is an event that encourages students of all years to mingle amongst each other and in turn strengthen Brock’s school spirit.”

The gala is in its third year, continuing a tradition still in its infancy.

“Since this is our third year hosting the gala, planning for the event was smooth. We used the past years’ galas as a template for this year. Members within [the Kinesiology Students Association] created a planning committee for the event and they took care of all the details,” said Aquin.

Overall, the event was deemed a success by Aquin and her team despite fierce competition for student time on a Saturday night — especially with exams around the corner.

“Everything happened according to plan, everyone loved the food and we had over $2,000.00 worth of door prizes,” said Aquin. “We sold the same amount of tickets as last year, but we were also competing with all the other events that occur on a Saturday night. Overall, I think we have improved each year and we have set the bar high for future galas.”

In particular, the buffet and trivia activity were popular amongst attendees.

“Kinesiology and [Physical Education] students are naturally competitive, so everyone really gets into it,” said Aquin.

The Kinesiology Students Association represents students in the Department of Kinesiology, allowing them an outlet to get involved both on and off campus.

“Members of [the association] are introduced to many volunteer opportunities, opportunities to network with professors and members of the medical community, leadership skills and to meet students who share the same interests,” said Aquin.

Next term, the Kinesiology Students Association will be hosting a conference. The KINNECT conference is held annually, occurring on January 26 next year. It is organized with the goal of educational and professional development of Kinesiology and Physical Education students in mind.

“These speakers talk to students about what they did to get to where they are now, and offer advice and life experience, too. This year’s theme is Concussions and Mental Health, so all of our speakers are professionals in these fields. It is a great way to get students to think outside of the box when they pick a career,” said Aquin.

Individuals seeking further information or looking to get involved with the association can email Chantale Aquin at

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