Hairless for a Cure to take place on campus


Movember is nearing its end, but the Brock community still has a chance to support the cause. Hairless for a Cure is an annual fundraiser for the Movember foundation and Relay for Life featuring male students who volunteer to wax their arms, legs, chest or back for the cause.

On November 30 from 2:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. in Captain John’s Lounge, located in DeCew residence, volunteers will apply a strip of wax for each donation made.

“Hairless for a Cure is an initiative that is meant to bring people together in the fight against Cancer,” said founder and fourth year Tourism student Jonah Graham. “This initiative is a means for those who cannot grow facial hair or who want to do more in the fight against cancer to further show their support of Movember and Relay for Life efforts.”

The Movember foundation is the leading men’s health charity, focusing on addressing prostate and testicular cancers as well as mental health concerns. Over five million men worldwide live with prostate cancer. Testicular cancer is the second most common form of cancer in young men, and by 2030 the foundation aims to reduce the number of men who die from this cancer by half.

Approximately 60 per cent of suicides are completed by men, with a man dying from suicide every 60 seconds. The Movember foundation aims to reduce this figure by 25 per cent. They are launching programs to accomplish this, such as, a pilot website designed to support first-time fathers with their mental health, and NewAccess, an Australian trial program to provide men access to coaches to provide support and take action early in terms of mental health.

The Canadian Cancer Society has run more than 400 Relay for Life events, raising over $25 million to support cancer research as well as services offered to cancer patients and their loved ones. These funds also go towards initiatives to encourage cancer prevention and advocacy.

Graham first ran Hairless for a Cure in his first year of university, inspired by a high school classmate who waxed their legs to fundraise for Relay for Life.

“Not being able to grow a decent amount of facial hair in the span of a month, I wanted a means for myself and other students to show their support and fundraise to aid Movember and other cancer awareness efforts,” said Graham.

For Graham, supporting men’s health is personal.

“It means showing people that they are not alone in the fight, myself and others are here to support them,” said Graham. “The event means more than just supporting men’s health, its raising awareness and bringing a community together for a shared cause because, though we may not know what you are going through, we can work to ensure that others will not have to endure the pain.”

This year, the event has received support from Student Life and Community Experience, the Brock University Students’ Union and a committee of student volunteers helping organize it.

Graham aims to raise more than $300 at this fundraiser.

“Though this event has a focus on males getting waxed, it does not mean that females and other gender identities cannot get involved. From coming out to show your support, giving a donation, getting waxed yourself, volunteering your time with the event to wax one of your friends or help with other day-of tasks allows everyone the ability to support this initiative,” said Graham.

The Hairless for a Cure committee is still seeking volunteers to be waxed and to help apply the wax.

“We will gladly accept anyone who believes in the cause and wishes to lend a hand (or arm, leg, chest or back),” said Graham.


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