Grey’s Anatomy: another episode proving the end is near


Alright, maybe it’s becoming a trend, but there’s just too much to say about Grey’s Anatomy. Is Owen ever going to find out about Teddy carrying his baby, or will she magically end up back in Germany without anything being said? Let’s dive into last week’s episode.

How many characters did we actually see in this episode?

In the episode two weeks ago, Teddy was on the verge of telling Owen about their baby, but after Amelia’s foster-daughter/mother-of-Owen’s foster-son disappeared from school, Teddy never ended up getting the opportunity to tell Owen.

So this week, a whole episode goes by without Owen, Amelia, Teddy, Maggie, Alex, Jo or Bailey even making an appearance?

Now, Catherine Avery (or, maybe we are supposed to refer to her now as Catherine Fox?) develops a tumor around her spine that will either turn into the turnaround this season needs, or it will turn into another rerun of feelings and emotions from when Amelia got her tumour. Either it will all of a sudden be solved in the next episode or two or it will last until the winter finale and pull on the strings of multiple main characters.

Richard Webber’s battle to fight off the urge to drink after losing nurse Frankie (Stacey Oristano) in surgery was one of the most brilliant stories of this season. When he used the baseball bat to destroy the bar offering shots in exchange for sobriety chips, it was a flashback to real Grey’s Anatomy moments — scenes that allow fans of the show to feel like they’re following someone’s actual life.

The one problem with the Richard side of this episode: how are we supposed to believe that nurse Frankie was so close to Richard when this is the first time we’ve met her? Yes, Grey’s historically misinterprets the actual job of nurses in a hospital, and rarely is a nurse a main part of the storyline in any episode. In this case, though, we’re supposed to believe that nurse Frankie is such a beloved figure and well-known by Weber, but somehow just hasn’t managed to make an appearance the past 14 seasons?

To top it all off, at the end of the episode as Station 19 was coming on, the opening scene was Bailey and Ben. So, are Grey’s fans now supposed to be keeping up with that show in order to keep up with the storyline of Miranda Bailey? I must have missed that memo.

Here’s what Grey’s is missing the most — doctors actually being in the hospital. We barely see any time spent in the hospital anymore. The majority of episodes are at someone’s house, in a car, at a school or on a plane. Episodes used to be in the hospital, and the doctor’s lives happened within the hospital. Now, it seems that the hospital is an afterthought.

I’m really losing faith in Grey’s taking a turn for the better this season, but the producers have no choice if they want to end on a high note.


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