Goodman School of Business continues leading accounting conference legacy


Goodman School of Business hosted their 10th annual Brock University Accounting Conference (BUAC) for students interested in the accounting field. This event saw 80 students competing from Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia and had the biggest turn out in its history with 20 teams competing.

BUAC aims to provide students with an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge that allow participants to be successful in the accounting field. Participating in this event allows students to build their transferable skills, develop critical thinking skills and to open up their networking opportunities.

The event ran from November 16 until Nov. 17 and saw case competitions for students to apply their knowledge and skills, attend speakers’ presentations and panel discussions while networking and participating in social activities. This event allows for students to further develop their understanding and expand on their knowledge in the accounting industry and to prepare themselves for what life will be like in the accounting world.

Monica Siskauskas and Fione Li, fifth-year  and second-year students in Accounting, respectively, are the co-chairs of BUAC this year. BUAC is viewed as the leading Accounting Conference in Canada because of its history and growth, which Li and Siskauskas participate in to develop their own skills and to see the future generation of students entering the accounting world.

“This event is a great time for students and sponsors attending. Each year we continue to see students apply skills they have been learning in class, develop critical thinking skills and to build upon soft skills,” said Siskauskas. “It’s a daunting experience being a first year student coming in crowds like we see at BUAC but it is an incredible opportunity to be exposed to people in the accounting world.”

“By opening this conference to students from provinces across Canada it allows for them to build communities with those also involved in the accounting field. This competition provides a lot of value in the personal growth aspect, developing opportunities for future careers and allowing you to break out of your shell by working under pressure and in a team and making decisions under a time crunch,” said Li.

On Nov. 16, BUAC students arrived at the Marriott on the Falls hotel for opening ceremonies, a panel discussion and a social held at Hard Rock Café where they were given the opportunity to meet sponsors and enjoy a meal. Students were also given Clifton Hill passes to explore the attractions that Niagara Falls has to offer.

On Nov. 17, students came to Brock to compete on campus. After being put into teams of four, composed of peers from their schools, students were presented with a case study and went into an isolated area to work on presenting their 15 minute case to a panel of judges. The top three teams, based on a point system, were given the opportunity to present to a larger panel of judges for a chance to be the winning team.

Teams are created based on junior and senior levels. Typically, first and second-year students are categorized as juniors and third through fifth-year students are categorized as seniors. The winning team’s prize if a senior won was $1,000 to split and $500 for a junior winner.

This three day conference provides the resources and skills to provide participants with future career opportunities in order to be successful. Breanna MacDonald, a first year student in the Bachelor of Accounting Co-op program entered this week full of excitement and hope for her future career in the Accounting field.

“Going into this conference I hoped to learn new tips that would give me confidence to speak publicly and for networking. BUAC gives students many opportunities to network with other students and also with companies who are part of the conference, so it was a great opportunity for me to practice. I think that this competition was a great way to strengthen and learn new skills that will help me in accounting,” said MacDonald.

To learn more about this event and to participate in 2019 go to or visit them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter via the handle @GoodmanBUAC.

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