Editorial: What happened to the best fans in Canada?


The vibe at Brock Basketball home games is different this year. After two consecutive years of sellout crowds and the self-proclaimed line ‘best fans in Canada’, the crowd has gone dull. The first three home games have seen a decent turnout, but the noise level is low.

I haven’t missed a Brock home game in over four years due to my job, but one thing is for sure, I can finally hear myself think. That’s a good thing for me and not a good thing for Brock.

The argument can be made that Brock men’s basketball isn’t as good as they were two years ago. Yet, they’re off to a 2-1 start and are in the mix to be at the top of their division again. The women’s team is 0-3, but even they drew better crowds a season ago.

And it should be said, it’s not so much that the team is worse than last year but the OUA Basketball level is higher this year than ever before.

In past years when the Brock-Meridian Centre Basketball game was announced, there was a buzz. Social Media was popping off and grabbing tickets before they were gone was a must. That just isn’t there this year.

Brock is hosting Ryerson on November 17 at the Meridian Centre, tickets are on sale, but it seems as if the Brock Community doesn’t really know that. Ryerson is a much better team this year, so it’ll be a tough game for both the Brock men’s and women’s team. However, Brock and Ryerson have built a rivalry over the last couple seasons that the Nov. 17 game should mean more than just basketball.

Last year, when the two schools played at the Meridian Centre and again at Brock for the men’s basketball playoffs, Ryerson sent a bus full of students to St. Catharines. I wouldn’t put it past them to do that again. That’s because it isn’t just about who wins — although that’ll be the determining factor on which school is better – but it’s also about school pride.

I have no doubt that we’ll see a sold out Meridian Centre on Nov. 17, but will we see a loud and proud crowd?

It’s a fact that a winning team is needed for fans to show, at any level of sports. Brock is still a winning team, the Meridian Centre is still a major event, but is Brock still the ‘best fans in Canada’? That remains to be the question.

So far this season, Brock has lost its touch.

Note: Just before this publication was sent to print, Brock social media accounts began to promote the event. Now, it’s up to the fans to live up to expectations.

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