Editorial: The end of the fall semester is near

There’s two ways the end of a semester could be going for someone: you’re either completely over it and lost motivation, or you’ve found yourself more motivated with the finish line only inches away. Whatever category you fall into this is the time to power through.

Sure, the dreadful exams are right around the corner but so is the holiday break. I’m normally the one to not look too far ahead, to take everything one step at a time, but looking past exams at the upcoming break is motivation for the final assignments and to get through finals.

You could be finishing up your first semester ever at university, or potentially heading into your last semester at university, or somewhere in between.

For the first-years, remember, everyone’s experience at university is different. You may have succeeded or felt like you didn’t get off to the best start in post-secondary. From experience, it does get better. You may ask yourself if university is for you, and everyone does at least a few times over the years, but eventually you grow from the experience to become a smarter version of you.

It’s always important to remember that the first semester at university, let alone your time at university, doesn’t define you. This is a process of learning about yourself and building on areas you need to improve on. The best times in university — in terms of education — I found came in the later years. You learn your study habits, you find yourself more motivated and you start to believe you can get that degree.

When you do finish your last exam or assignment, make sure to use the off time to reflect on how the semester went. Don’t spend your entire break reflecting, but spend some time doing so.

Also, don’t spend the break wondering about your grades — that’s stress you don’t need during a break. The Registrar’s Office is backed up with putting every student’s final marks on their BrockU Portal — let alone Professors and TA’s marking exams. It’s a process that’ll go into 2019 before you see all your final marks. Don’t worry about it until you actually get them back.

The final grind is on, and we’re almost there Badgers! We all felt the tension or stress in the air of the hallways during midterm season. That same feeling is about to return but we’ve got this far. The Fall semester is almost over and we can almost, finally, relax.


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