Brock hosts young entrepreneurship competition


Last weekend, young entrepreneurs at Brock went head-to-head in a competition testing their creativity, innovation and business acumen at the Niagara Young Entrepreneur Kick-Off Weekend.

“For students interested in increasing their knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship, this is a phenomenal event,” said Cassie Price, the BioLinc Coordinator in the Goodman School of Business. “This week provides you with the skills and hands-on experiences to form a team, build an idea and to put your entrepreneurial skills into practice. It is never too early to start investing in your future career and this is a great opportunity,.”

Approximately 40 individuals participated in the full start-up weekend, on par with attendance last year. The top team was awarded a Kick-Off Weekend Prize package, including a cash prize of $1,000.

The annual competition is based on the famous Start-Up Weekend model. During this year’s event, young entrepreneurs participated in creating and building a working start-up business from the ground up. Teams were formed and worked together all weekend until Sunday afternoon, when they pitched their ideas to a panel of judges.

This year’s event began with a keynote presentation in which Dr. Barry Wright, an associate professor in Goodman School of Business, spoke about the power of teamwork.

The goal of this event was to allow entrepreneurs to interact with each other, learn new skills and take advantage of new opportunities. It served as both a networking event and a celebration of young entrepreneurs in the region as a whole.

Saturday saw a day full of idea brainstorming between teams and attending seminars to help them build upon those concepts. On Sunday, teams practiced pitching their projects to a panel of judges.

More information about this weekend and upcoming events being hosted for young entrepreneurs wishing to expand their knowledge and skills can be found online at the BioLinc website:

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