Bagels and more at new full-feature Tim Hortons on campus


The revamped Schmon Tower Tim Hortons location has finally opened. The reopened location expands upon the Tim Hortons that was previously operating in that space and offers more services than the Tim Hortons located in Thistle Complex and Hungry Badger, with students being able to purchase more than just a beverage and a small snack.

Students no longer have to rush across the street to get their daily fix of bagels and breakfast sandwiches from Tim Hortons. The newly renovated location includes all-day breakfast, state-of-the-art coffee brewers and a premium frozen beverage machine, which students were able to sample between 11:00 a.m. and noon on opening day: November 19. The expansion to this franchise location was mainly decided by student feedback, which demanded a full-feature Tim’s location on campus.

“One of our biggest points of feedback from the students was that they wanted to see bagels and breakfast sandwiches,” said Kate Dudley, Marketing Manager of Ancillary Services. “We are anticipating that the expanded drink and food options provide more student, faculty and staff the opportunity to purchase their favourite Tim Hortons items.”

Previously, it was somewhat difficult to get things from Tim Hortons in a timely manner throughout the day simply because of the large volumes of people that line up at the Thistle Complex location.

“I think that the opening of the new Tim Hortons is great. The lineups are shorter since they’re being split between this location and the other Tim’s by Market, which is nice because you can grab your orders faster,” said Jessica Peprah, a second-year nursing student. “I love how they added new options to their menu, so now there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Tim’s is a great place to get a quick snack to eat in between classes or during study sessions, and with its location so close to the library, I’m sure other students appreciate the re-opening as much as I do.”

The Ancillary Services department is hopeful that the grand opening will generate excitement for the next big opening — a Pizza Pizza location at the Hungry Badger.

“We have made these decisions with the student experience at the centre of our process,” said Dudley. “We are excited for continuing to raise the bar with regards to food on campus. Stay tuned, we are going to install a Happy or Not that will help us gather feedback on the location. From the conversations we have had to date, comments are very positive.”

The Happy or Not system is an electronic station at which customers can rank how satisfied they are with their experience and provide additional feedback.

Another major opening that students can look forward to out of BUSU is that of the vegan chain, Hopscotch, in the Student Alumni Centre. The location will be the first on campus to offer dedicated vegan and vegetarian food to Brock students and staff.

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