Women’s lacrosse struggle on home turf


The Brock women’s lacrosse team has been struggling to collect wins in the first half of the season. This weekend was no exception.

The women played McMaster in the morning and Laurier in the afternoon. They lost both games: 6-5 and 20-8, respectively.

The first game was hard fought, and the women gave it their all, however, it wasn’t enough.

The second game against Laurier revealed where the Badgers’ weaknesses lie. The Golden Hawks got off to a dominant start, scoring four goals within the first 10 minutes of play. By the time the Badgers could put themselves on the board, Laurier had scored five more goals to make the score 9-1.

The Badgers celebrated every goal with vigour. It was obvious that the game meant a lot to them. They wanted to prove they were as competitive as the Golden Hawks. The Badgers scored two more goals bringing the score to 11-3 in favour of Laurier at the end of the first half.

The Badgers struggled defensively throughout the game — their defence was thin and the goaltender struggled. Both of the team’s regular goaltenders are out with injuries and the replacement never quite seemed to get comfortable in her position. She didn’t look at home in the net the way regular goaltenders would.

The women, no doubt, wanted to win, but they were also aware of the situation they found themselves in. Laurier was a better team at the end of the day and emerged victorious.

Of the eight games that Brock has played in September, they have lost seven. This is in contrast to last season when they won roughly half of their games in September.

They struggled against Laurier, turning over the ball almost a dozen times over the course of the game.

The women are good athletes, they’re strong, fast and they communicate well. They’re not a bad team, but their circumstances impact their ability to perform. Teams can control how much they practice, and what their attitude is going into games, but injuries are harder to contend with.

The Badgers finished last season with a 7-6 record. If they want to match that, they’ll have to win every single game from now until the end of the season — a feat that seems almost impossible given the way they’ve been playing so far.

It’s hard to see a silver lining for this team, but if there’s one to be found, it’s that they can only get better from here.

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