What’s your favourite Halloween movie?

Allison Ives
Scary Grandmother

I will defend this cheesy animated kid’s movie to no end. When the protagonist, an adorable little girl named Hannah Marie, faces a mean cousin who tries to scare her, a group of spooky but lovable monsters and ghouls takes her in and teaches her how to stand up for herself. It’s #squadgoals

Sydney Mumford
Casper The Friendly Ghost

This is one of my favourite childhood movies and although I haven’t re-watched it a while I can still remember it clearly. The title says it all, Casper is a friendly ghost, who prefers to make friends with people rather than frighten them. This is a great movie for those who like a laugh and not a Halloween scare.

Chad Ellis
Hocus Pocus

Disney has always been a pioneer in pushing out family-friendly Halloween movies that we all end up loving; cult classic Hocus Pocus is no exception. Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy play three over-the-top witches trying to hold on to their immortality by any means necessary. The movie is chock-full of comedy, thrills and all the spooky Halloween elements we’ve come to associate with the season and is a solid entry to anyone’s Halloween watchlist.

Kaileigh Montgomery
A Nightmare on Elm Street

I always tell people that this is the only movie that scares me no matter how many times it is re-watched. The boundaries between what is real and what is imaginary is portrayed well and has me questioning my perception of the film every time. The slasher film feels like a psychological trap, it really gets to me that the kids can’t leave their nightmares. One cannot forget that Glen is played by the adorable young Johnny Depp at only 21 years old – too cute.

Satbir Singh

I’m to big of a baby to watch any Halloween movies. I can’t remember the last time I watched a Halloween themed movie. However, I’m so down for Christmas movies in October. At this point in the year I’m probably already watching 24 Hours of a Christmas Story!

Lydia Collins
Halloweentown Series

This has to be my favourite Halloween movie(s) of all time because it’s fun, exciting, and anytime I watch it I feel like a kid again. It’s not necessarily the scariest of Halloween films, but in my books, it’s still one of the best!

Holly Morrison
What We Do In The Shadows

This mockumentary style film follows the misadventures of a group of vampires living in a small town in New Zealand. It shouldn’t really work, but it does. The movie is insanely quotable, and it never fails to make me laugh no matter how many times I watch it. Everyone that I’ve shown it to either loves it or hates it, but in my opinion, it’s one of Taika Waititi’s finest films.

Jonah Dayton
Young Frankenstein

This Mel Brooks film is a parody of the original Frankenstein, where Dr. Frankenstein’s grandson and his less than intelligent hunchback servant Igor replace the monster’s brain with an ‘abnormal’ one. The result is a funny spin off a classic movie; Igor alone is worth a watch.

Brendan Ballantyne
Monsters, Inc.

This may receive some backlash given the fact that it isn’t technically a Halloween movie, but it hits enough of the essential criteria to make a decent argument for it. There are monsters (obviously), it has a clear scary/spooky element and one of the main characters is a little kid who dresses up in a costume. Oh yeah, and her name is ‘Boo’, how much more Halloween does it get? This is one of the best childhood movies ever made so I’ll take any opportunity I have to name it as a favourite.

Izzy Cropper
NONE. When do Christmas movies start playing?

Here’s the thing, a good Halloween episode on Modern Family, Friends, anything else – those are fun. It puts the show in real time that you’re in. I’m just not a fan of Halloween movies. There’s only so many ways to spin the scary neighbour who is actually haunted and may or may not trying to get blood on Halloween. When is it okay to start watching Elf and Home Alone?

Cameron Tyson
Shaun of the Dead

The best horror movie parody out there. Idiots so clueless it takes them half a day to realize there’s been a zombie outbreak? Check. Cheeky references to every horror movie under the sun? Check. Nothing says ‘English response’ quite like heading to the pub and waiting for the problem to sort itself out. Edgar Wright’s film debut is still one of his finest and funniest.

Christina Morrison

What’s Halloween without some horror? The latest adaptation of the Stephen King novel responsible for society’s fear of clowns was only released a little over a year ago, but as I left the theatre back then, I knew I’d be keeping it on my horror re-watch list for many Halloweens to come. It’s the perfect blend of laughs and scares, with a strange nostalgia factor that makes you wish you were a kid in the 80s hanging out with a bunch of clown-killing losers – not many other movies can say that. You might not be able to watch Hemlock Grove the same way after this, but it’s worth it.

Mackenzie Gerry

This always brings me back to my childhood days! It’s definitely one you have to watch at least once every year along with the sequel they have!

Stephanie Lasica
Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

In a world full of magic where anything can happen, twin sisters Kelly and Lynn Farmer save their family from their evil Aunt Agatha. The twins are played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Needless to say, this film is iconic. Not only does the title of the film reference Macbeth but who can ignore the cute factor that the Olsen Twins bring to the table?

Zoe Archambault
Corpse Bride

This movie is one of the lesser known Tim Burton classics, though it is a personal favourite that I watch every Halloween season without fail. The gorgeous stop motion animation and captivating story always leaves me wanting more. The movie follows a lost young man as he accidentally ventures into the world of the dead.

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