Some of the most bizarre sports injuries


As David Price leads the Boston Red Sox to the 2018 World Series Championship, it is hard to believe that just six months ago, baseball fans were mocking Price for a carpal tunnel injury; one that many believed was caused from overplaying the video game Fortnite. Those rumours are long behind him now, with Price finally shaking the playoff monkey off his back with three dominant postseason starts, culminating in his first World Series ring.

In honour of Price and his possible Fortnite injury, let’s look back at some of the weirdest, and most random sports injuries in recent memory.

In 2008, Derrick Rose sustained the first of many injuries. This one in particular was not knee-related, but in his rookie season, Rose was slicing an apple in bed, when he put the knife down to get up and grab some water. When he returned, he forgot the knife was in the bed, and soon required 10 stitches on his arm.

Who could forget Knicks forward Amar’e Stoudemire missing Game three of the 2012 quarterfinals when he punched the protective glass case of a fire extinguisher, cutting his hand open in the process after a Knicks loss in Game two. Shockingly the Knicks lost the series in five games.

Stoudemire wasn’t the first Knicks big man to suffer a bizarre (and hilarious) injury. Eddy Curry — who the Knicks traded a pick that became LaMarcus Aldridge for — was always criticized for being overweight. He didn’t help his cause when he cut his wrist after sitting on a exercise ball, which promptly popped, sending the 295 pound Curry to the ground in a thunderous heap.

Carlos Boozer was sidelined for two months during his tenure with the Chicago Bulls when he broke his pinky after tripping on his gym bag while rushing to answer the door. The injury was so bad that Boozer required surgery, as well as months of physical therapy.

While all those are weird and random in their own way, my personal favourite NBA hand injury was when Blake Griffin broke his hand by punching the then-equipment manager of the Los Angeles Clippers after an altercation in Toronto. Who would’ve thought that the chiseled face of Matias Testi would shatter the hand of a 6’10, 250 pound professional athlete.

Going back to Price’s alleged video game injury, he wasn’t the only athlete to miss time due to video games. In 2006, Tigers pitcher Joel Zumaya missed three games after hurting his wrist wailing on Guitar Hero. Back in the 90s, Sacramento Kings guard Lionel Simmons developed tendonitis in his wrist after overplaying his GameBoy.

Sammy Sosa once sprained a ligament in his back after what he described as two violent sneezes. If this didn’t scream ‘I’M ON STEROIDS’, I don’t know what did.

But perhaps the most bizarre, random, unfathomable injury comes from Glenallen Hill. The former Blue Jay was in the midst of a spider-infested nightmare, when he started sleepwalking to try and get away from the spiders (as one would). He ended up falling down a flight of stairs, and ultimately through a glass table, suffering multiple cuts and bruises in the process. Hill, an arachnophobe to begin with, was given the nickname ‘Spiderman’ by his teammates.

While all these injuries were weird, and many of them humorous, none of them were severe enough to keep any athlete out long-term. The lesson as always, don’t punch things, don’t play with knives, and dial back the video games.

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