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October is a good month for sports. While I won’t touch on the baseball or basketball side of things as our other sports writers have gone in depth for both — let’s review college football week eight and another week in the early part of this NHL season.

Purdue welcomed Ohio State this past Saturday night with a good beat down of what was then the number two team in the country. After the 29-point upset win, Ohio State is now out of the top-10 rankings. After the game, OSU head coach Urban Meyer said his team’s glaring shortcomings were exposed — well, yes, but if he knew there were shortcomings, shouldn’t they have been fixed by week eight? The Buckeyes chances of making the playoff were damaged big time, however another Big Ten team may have made a statement that they should be in consideration should they win out.

Michigan beat Michigan State this past weekend to move to 7-1 on the season, their only loss coming to Notre Dame, who remain undefeated and ranked in the top five. While their upcoming game against Penn State on November 3 will still be a test they must pass to continue their hopes for the playoff, it’ll likely come down to OSU vs. Michigan at the end of the season as to which Big Ten East team makes the Big Ten championship game.

Undefeated Cincinnati, coming off a bye week and 6-0 start to their season, lost to Temple in overtime. While even an undefeated season would be unlikely to end in a spot in the playoff, another team whose undefeated season is now no more.

On the other end of the spectrum, Scott Frost got his first win at Nebraska putting up 53 points against Minnesota.

Clemson regained their number two rank after a dominating 41-7 win against ranked North Carolina State, who also entered the weekend undefeated.

LSU continued their dominance defensively, topping Mississippi State 19-3 at home. The Tigers have a bye week coming up, but will welcome Alabama on November 3 for what may be one of the best matchups of the season — not just for the SEC but in all of college football.

Revisiting the William Nylander saga — the Leafs started off hot, they scored a lot of goals in a lot of games. It began to look like they didn’t need Nylander, and here’s the thing, they could probably survive without him if that’s what it comes down to, especially if they can make a trade that benefits them in the long run on the defensive side of things. However, the Leafs would of course be better off if they can find that defensemen they need and keep the likes of Nylander, Marner, and Matthews to go along with Tavares, Kadri, and Marleau.


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