Revive the Rose revitalize rock and roll at Moose and Goose

Photo Credit: Zoe Archambault

Photo Credit: Zoe Archambault

It’s been an incredible year for Welland’s Revive the Rose. Since the release of their album Generation Breakdown they’ve moved from strength to strength, securing a huge amount of radio play and landing some pretty high-profile performances over the last few months. Their single ‘Nine to Five’, re-released last November with a more radio-friendly mix, seems to have catapulted them into the upper echelons of the local music scene, which the five-piece rock act are very deserving of.

Revive the Rose decided to both capitalize on that momentum and give back to their fans this past weekend. On October 20, they headlined the final show of their tour at Moose and Goose. Supported by other local favourites The Lad Classic and Redcoat, the show was an incredible celebration of rock music for Welland and the Niagara Region.

It was obvious from the moment their set started that this was going to be great night. Any band willing to walk on stage to Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown’ is worthy of considerable praise, but to cut it off with the deafening roar of your original music is a pretty spectacular power move. Revive the Rose’s set felt like a call to arms and the band led the charge with thunderous bass hooks, powerful guitar riffs and some of the most high energy vocal work I’ve seen in a very long time.

On record, the band most vividly recalls the 90s punk and grunge scene, but their live shows encompass a wider range of styles. Their two guitarists Peter Antoniou and Matt Cookson evoke a 70s vibe as they jump across the stage, headbanging and trading off incredible solos. Their bassist Jake Parotta brings a harder rock element to the affair, grounding everything with bone-rattling riffs that are a surprisingly huge part of their sound.

Their lead singer, Andrew Colonico, brought a fantastic level of enthusiasm to the show as well, getting the crowd going like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Fists were in the air at every chorus and there was even a little mosh pit growing towards the front of the crowd.

Perhaps the most impressive thing was just how willing the crowd was to participate. People began crowding towards the front of the stage almost as soon as the band began to set up. When they were performing, people sang along with almost every chorus and the band was able to back away from their microphones. For a local act playing mostly original songs (with the exception of a cover of ‘Monkey Wrench’ by the Foo Fighters), this is a stellar achievement.

Revive the Rose have worked incredibly hard to be where they are. On Saturday, it became very clear that their work has paid dividends. There’s excitement and momentum around the band right now: people are interested and they want to hear more. One of the things that makes this band so special is that they know that and respond to it in earnest. Several of the songs played on Saturday were introduced as being from there as-yet-unrecorded second album. While the chance to hear new material is exciting, many bands struggle to excite crowds about songs that they don’t already know. Revive the Rose didn’t have that problem at all: their audience rocked as hard to the new stuff as they did to the old.

Their performance on Saturday makes one thing perfectly clear: as exciting as Revive the Rose have already been, they’ve got a lot of energy and they’re ready to get even more exciting.


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