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The city we live in is hurting after two people jumped off the Burgoyne Bridge in the span of a week. It’s devastating to think of the pain of those who were lost this past week, but it continues to raise questions of whether or not we are doing enough for the people around us.

It feels like there are writers everywhere talking about mental health every day, and as good as it is to raise awareness and continue the conversation for it, at some point we all need to take a hard look at ourselves and ask if we are doing enough to support those around us.

The brain is extremely difficult for anyone to understand. Think of a concussion — it’s an injury no one can see. There is plenty of research out there about how to manage a concussion, how to test whether or not someone is ready to return to normal activities, but at the end of the day, we can never see it all.

It’s much of the same when it comes to our mental health. Those who struggle around us, we can never fully understand what they’re going through, what goes through their mind everyday, what pains they have, and what triggers those pains. It’s extremely difficult to help someone who has struggled for a long time, there is always an effort that can be made to make sure those around us are okay.

We have a duty to try to help people before things get to be too much for them. Say you get an infection, you can either go to the doctor right away, or you can wait it out. If you wait it out, by the time you get antibiotics you’re at such a high risk for an infection to take a greater toll on the rest of your body. When it comes to the mental health of our family and friends, we can’t wait until someone is suffering or struggling to the point where they don’t know if there’s anything to make them feel better. We have to be kinder to people every day, we have to ask the hard questions before things are tough so that we don’t lose those who are close to us.

We will never be able to understand it all — because it is different for everyone — but we can try to understand most of it. We can listen to them talk about what their struggles are, but also listen to them talk about the things that make them happy in their life.

Let’s be people who bring happiness to each other’s lives.

Are we doing enough? Are we working together to create a better world for each other? Are we sincere when we have a conversation with someone? Do we really care? We should never stop asking ourselves these questions, because we can always do more.

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