Keeping warm with Winter’s hottest trends


It’s time to figure out how to adapt the fall trends you’ve grown accustomed to for the cold winter weather that’s on the horizon. Sure, it’s easy to throw on some leggings and an over-sized sweater and call it a day, but fashion week runways and the street wear seen surrounding them offer ways to dress those styles up. While runway ready looks may not sound like anything the average person can take on for their wardrobe, it’s about having the right pieces to incorporate into your everyday wear.

Plaid is the number one unisex trend for everyone to keep an eye on. Before this year, your associations with red plaid have probably ranged from Catholic school to lumberjacks to your elementary school Hot Topic phase. The print is nothing new, but there’s been a surge in interest in it since Fall began. With more versatility in the way designers are choosing to use it, plaid has finally cemented a place as a fashion staple. For men and women alike, straight leg plaid pants are popping up everywhere, largely in grays, reds and the jewel-toned greens we’re used to seeing around this time of year. Fashion week streetwear saw a variety of ways to style these. Most commonly, they’re done as a statement piece to contrast against the rest of the outfit being plain, but classic plaids paired with larger, flashier and generally updated checks were seen often too. For women, these plaid pants play into the ideal silhouette most mannequins are going to have on this season — straight leg pants with an only slightly oversized shirt. It’s baggy and comfortable without venturing into homebody territory. And, of course, with tights of the right thickness, you can’t go wrong with a plaid skirt, whether you’re going business casual with a pencil skirt or calling to mind visions of Rachel Green in something more loose.

It goes without saying that jackets are an essential, but you’re going to have a wide variety to choose from this year. The aforementioned plaid trend is prominent in this winter’s coat selection as well, perfect to be worn over a neutral, minimalist outfit. You’ve most definitely already seen the other piece everyone seems to have added to their wardrobe all at once — sherpa jackets. Often seen in black or every shade of brown you could dream up, the faux fur has suddenly been everywhere in only the past couple of weeks. I’m sure I’m not the only one who sees sherpa as a saviour after spending a handful of years now digging through cropped sweaters with open shoulders to find something that might actually offer warmth in the winter. It’s perfect for the upcoming cold months — cute and in style, yet mimicking the coziness of any blanket you have at home for day to day wear.

For something you’re more likely to bring to next Winter with you, puffer jackets always seem to be in fashion, and this winter doesn’t see a change in that. This year, the trend seems to be to make them bigger and brighter than we’re used to. As oversized seems to (finally!) be the way to go, this doesn’t come as a big shock, but the neon pinks and mustard yellows prominent in candids from fashion week might be. Brown seems to be the standout colour this year for coats, but puffer jackets appear to offer a whole different type of statement piece for those not interested in adding patterns to their wardrobes. The bolder the better, although as previously mentioned, retailers are boasting an abundance of sandy beiges and teddy bear browns for those uninterested in brights.

We’ve really got to offer a sincere thank you to whichever designers decided it’s time to bring warmth and comfort to center stage. Aside from these pieces and styles, there are a lot of options to bring home for winter from runway inspiration. Next to everyone else in a brown sherpa jacket, it might not be the best way to make a fashion statement, but you’ll certainly be prepared to take on the cold.

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