It’s come time for Grey’s Anatomy to write the end of it’s story


Grey’s Anatomy is now on its 15th season. The show will likely go down as creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes’ greatest career feat. Each new season that comes around, fans of the show, like myself, wonder if it will be the last. After all, even some of the shows we fall in love with the most come to an end way before they reach 15 seasons. While most seasons start and I find myself hoping that the show never ends, the start of the season has left me feeling just about the opposite.

It might be time for Grey’s to call time of death.

Thinking back to the early seasons, there was a real connection to the characters in the show. There was consistency season to season, and characters’ love interests and careers were just about equally important and portrayed in the show. The Mer-Der relationship absolutely played a big part in the series up until the season of his death on the show — but other characters’ lives were just as meaningful and detailed throughout the early seasons. George O’Malley and Izzie Stevens, Cristina Yang and the Chief (Richard Webber), Miranda Bailey — they all had lives going on outside of the hospital, and they all played important roles in the hospital.

Throughout the first twelve, thirteen seasons, there were plenty of stories of medical cases, difficult surgeries, and stories of the patients that pulled on the emotional strings of viewers. There was more time spent following doctors around the hospital chasing surgeries and cases rather than chases five different relationships around on-call rooms.

I watched the new episode from last week, and today when one of my colleagues asked me what had happened, I couldn’t remember. It wasn’t memorable. None of the episodes this season have been memorable. When the show previews Meredith Grey having a new love interest, it never seems to last more than one episode. There is never a spark of possibility that she’s going to find the person after Derek — and if there’s going to be no one after Derek, there should just simply be no one after Derek.

The past few seasons, the medical cases that the show has portrayed are either barely an aspect of the episodes, or are all these rare cases that, of course, the surgeons of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital are the only ones able to fix.

Each season, more and more characters leave the show. Last season it was Kepner and Robbins, the season before it was Edwards, and the characters who get newly introduced just don’t live up to the voids left.

The show has become predictable. The stories have become bland and a reduced part of the narrative, and there’s just not as much excitement anymore. As much as I would love for Grey’s to keep going forever, if forever becomes a show I don’t want to watch every Thursday night, then I’ll be the first fan to sign the DNR on the show if season 15 keeps going the way it’s going.

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