Christmas songs in October? No thanks.


I love when we get into November and Halloween has passed and stores begin to be covered in Christmas decorations. I love when the snow starts to fall in December and everyone is anticipating a break from work, school, and sports. I love the build up to the holidays and people spending time with families and friends. I also love Christmas music on the radio — anytime I’m driving I’ve got my music playing from my phone through the car, I’m not a fan of the radio, but when the holidays come around and Christmas music is playing, I’m all radio.

The other day, I happened to be listening to the radio driving to Thanksgiving, and there was a station playing Christmas music. I went into a few stores over reading week who already had Christmas merchandise lining the aisles.

Too early people. Way too early.

We haven’t even had Halloween yet, and there is already Christmas music playing? Ok, I will admit that if I’m ever feeling really down, I’ll listen to some Christmas music because it’s happy and is meant to make people happy. So I guess we can let the music slide, but Christmas decorations in stores?

We still have another two weeks before Halloween, aren’t stores still supposed to be covered in black and orange decor and selling an unusual amount of chocolate and candy? I get that there’s no Halloween music to go along with the rest of the festivities, but come on people, there’s a timeline for these things — it’s called a calendar.

Why do stores have to be filled with Christmas stuff right now? I think it depletes the happiness effect it brings. Stores that already have Christmas items will have had them for more than two months by the time the actual day rolls around. Let’s just focus on one holiday at a time. For now, let’s focus on overloads of candy and chocolate, on pumpkin carving and soaking up the last few weeks that you can go to your coffee shop of choice and order a ‘pumpkin spice’ latte or muffin or whatever pumpkin spice you choose to indulge in.

It’s like those people who leave their Christmas decorations up for too long. We all know it secretly gets to us eventually. It bothers us when there’s a five foot tall snowman on someone’s lawn when it’s Easter and kids are looking for eggs.

So, pretend like the Christmas decor and trinkets are the Christmas lights that get left up forever. Just steer clear before Halloween is over. Let’s clear the shelves of the current holiday, people.


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