Campus Security assures students that the alleged clipboard scam is legitimate


Clipboards circulating around campus for the past few weeks have been advertising summer jobs. These sign-up sheets claim that you will be paid well but fail to provide any further information.

Many students across campus have been passing around these clipboards, not knowing about the potential scam associated with them. Students added their name, hometown and phone number to the list. The lack of further information raised concerns amongst the community.

The sign-up sheet informs you that if you are selected as a possible candidate you will receive a phone call, of which you are then asked to set up an interview.

This potential scam has been circulating around not only Brock, but other universities all over Ontario. Rumours began to spread amongst faculty and students alike that this was a sex trafficking scheme.

A second-year student at Brock, who chose not to have her name published, signed her name, provided her hometown and phone number and received a call one week later.

“When they called me, I had no idea about the scam. They had called me and told me they were going to ask me some questions to see if I would qualify for a job position in my area. They asked me if I had a Social Insurance Number and if I had a car. I only told them that I had a SIN number but did not give any further information about what the SIN number was and I told them that I did have a car,” said the second-year student at Brock.

Several students, when the clipboard was passed around in classes, had no idea about the potential threat associated with the action of signing your name. What seemed like a harmless summer job, started to cause students to worry after signing the sheet.

“I was honestly super scared because I heard that it was affiliated with human trafficking, and I was worried that they had my phone number and could contact me whenever they wanted. Teachers and TAs offered to talk about it after classes and lectures but I never said anything,” the anonymous student said.

“I didn’t personally inform Campus Security but I told my TA and she said that she was going to inform them about the meeting.”

Campus Security are peace officers that have been appointed by the Regional Municipality of Niagara Police Services Board and are on-campus to serve and protect faculty, staff and students of Brock.

Campus Security has been informed of the potential threat to students on campus and is encouraging students to no longer sign the form. Anyone who did sign the form and is contacted is encouraged to contact Campus Security.

Campus Security was first informed of this potential scam going around campus at the beginning of September.

Along with Campus Security, social media played an important role in informing students about the potential sex-trafficking scam on campuses’. Students became more worried after signing the sheet and seeing what social media was saying about the potential scam.

Since the potential scam started at the beginning of September, Campus Security informed a Brock student via email that it has been in contact with the company looking to hire students for summer jobs. While speaking with the representatives of this company, it has been found that they are legitimately looking to hire students for the summer.

The company has since understood the fact that they are going about hiring students in the wrong way. The representative has been made aware of the serious impact he has made on student campuses.

This representative has been told that if he or any of his students come to campus they will be arrested and have to deal with the authorities.

This has been considered a lesson, too many students, to be hesitant on whom you give your personal information out to. Be sure to ask questions and inquire about opportunities before signing up for things.

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