BUSAC: October election fast approaching


This week’s Brock University Students’ Administrative Council meeting, held on September 26, focused on the reports of the three Brock University Students’ Union Vice Presidents: Peter Henen Joyce Khouzam, and Bilal Khan.

Peter Henen provided the Vice President, External Affairs report. Henen discussed open educational resources, the policy to introduce which is underway. Henen also highlighted hopes for more online courses at Brock and the social media campaigns associated.

In terms of his football team initiative, Henen is evaluating the format of the only intramural tackle football team in the country with the aim to submit a similar proposal to Brock administration.

Henen’s mental health care plans are also underway despite setbacks.

“We had a very successful campfire over the summer but that’s been put on hold because of the new fire chief and some regulations. We’re expecting approval for that by the end of this week,” said Henen.

Henen also highlighted the food affordability survey that has been circulating for Brock students to fill out. During the meeting he focused on question 11 of the survey. The question asks students what kind of system they want in the future, which can range from a couple different options.

“Many students are very uneducated about the options. One of them is in-house, which means the university runs it. Another one would be outsourcing, a.k.a. it’s a monopoly. Another option would be independent providers leasing out spaces at Brock. The other option is neutral.” said Henen.

Joyce Khouzam, Vice President, Student Services brought forward a proposal for funding to outfit the space formerly occupied by the Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre Hub into a space for clubs.

“The space will be booked through our Brock BUSU website, very similarly to the library rooms you can book out,” said Khouzam. “Like the library rooms, it will have a two hour limit.

Although there will be a limit, if no other club has booked the room following the two hours, clubs are welcomed to stay past the two hours. The availability will range from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The BUSAC meeting also discussed using $4,600 from BUSU Capital in its first reading to outfit the clubhouse. Debate ensued over certain budget items, particularly the pricing of chairs, however, the motion passed.

Khouzam shared some statistics as part of the VPSS report: over 5,000 tickets were distributed for the Steel Blade Classic resulting in more than $2,500 donated to the Food First program. In terms of O-Week events, the Big Ticket Concert had 2,579 attendees, the largest-scale event hosted. Other events such as the movie night and goat yoga had 1,500 and 73 attendees, respectively.

Bilal Khan, Vice President, Finance and Administration presented his report, stating this past week he would have his quarterly meeting with St. Catharines Transit.

Khan also announced that he will be serving on the Referenda Quality Assurance Committee and has submitted his nomination to serve on the President’s Advisory Committee on the Appointment of a Vice-President of Advancement and External Relations.

Khouzam and Khan have been working with Information Technology Services to install up to six charging stations in new locations across campus.

Election information

Last week, BUSU announced its annual October elections and referendums. The undergraduate student-body will vote for four Brock Senate positions – two of which are of one-year and the other two will be for two-year (term ending in 2020). BUSAC will also hold elections for one Faculty of Social Science Representative, an extra Faculty Rep and five Student at Large spots.

The following referendums will also be going to vote:

  1. Do you support the creation of a $1.75 per credit fee to fund Brock University Student Radio (CFBU) starting Spring 2019, as per the Memorandum of Understanding?
  2. Do you support the creation of $100 annual Student Engagement levy, to be charged to all incoming first year undergraduate students starting Fall 2019, as per the Memorandum of Understanding?

All the candidates will meet on October 5, with their prep week running from October 8 to 12. The campaign period will be October 15 to 25, ending at 9:00 p.m. Students will have the opportunity to vote for Senate, BUSAC and the referendums via their BrockU email from Oct. 23 to 25.


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