Brock student to present at Niagara Leadership Summit for Women

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The Niagara Leadership Summit for Women is a leadership conference providing women with an environment to celebrate and encourage other women that are leaders in their community.

This year’s summit for women will be held October 27 at Brock University.

The Niagara Leadership Summit for Women was created based on the principle that every individual should have the courage and confidence to be a leader. It highlights individual and everyday leadership as well as traditional forms of leadership.

Brock student Hope Tuff-Berg will be speaking at this year’s summit. She will lead a workshop entitled “Raising Your Voice! Effective communication for young leaders.”

Tuff-Berg will be the youngest presenter at the conference, which also features Brock alumna and Paralympian Jessica Lewis.

Tuff-Berg is a second year Political Science student with a minor in French Studies. She is an open advocate for all students learning and developing leadership skills.

Speaking at this event requires an application process. Tuff-Berg decided to apply after she was exposed to the work of diverse and dedicated women sharing their insight on breaking barriers within their communities and the world as a whole.

“I felt empowered to pursue bigger roles in leadership. I’m so honoured to be a part of this summit and to share my lessons learned on pitching ideas, challenging opposing views and confrontation with young leaders,” said Tuff-Berg. “I hope that these leaders walk away with a stronger sense of confidence in who they are, their message, and their abilities to stand up for themselves.”

Tuff-Berg’s goal is to empower others to realize their potential and to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Tuff-Berg aims to support students who are introverted and extroverted, experienced and new to the leadership world, and all others. According to the young speaker, every leader is able to develop their own potential and leadership style.

The motto of this summit is “Make your move. Together.” Unity amongst women is a core theme of the conference as well as a subject Tuff-Berg is passionate about. The young presenter sees the Niagara Leadership Summit for Women as an annual celebration of being a girl.

“To me this summit is a testimony to the incredible feminists who have lead the way for young leaders like myself to realize our full potential. It’s a time where women come together and focus on how we can bring each other up,” said Tuff-Berg.

At Brock and in the community, students are encouraged to get involved in a variety of ways. Tuff-Berg thinks that involvement in leadership opportunities has the opportunity to help individuals to develop a sense of purpose.

“Whether it’s taking the lead on creating new opportunities for your band, leading compassion and support for your team, bringing something new to your club or starting a positive trend in your family; becoming a leader defines a new sense of purpose,” said Tuff-Berg.

Purpose has driven Tuff-Berg to many accomplishments on campus. From founding First Vote, a civic engagement conference for young people, to working at the office of Student Life and Community Engagement as a leadership development assistant, she has extensive and varied experiences that inform her upcoming workshop. Tuff-Berg is also known for her work with the Brock Rotaract Club, Spark Niagara and the Brock Leaders Citizenship Society.

Her experiences have provided her with insight and optimism about the future of leadership.

“Understanding and strengthening our ability to lead and inspire others gives us potential to create positive change in all aspects of our lives: at work, at school, in relationships and in pursuing our passions,” said Tuff-Berg. “To me, leaders are those who selflessly act in a way that others choose to follow. Leaders are those who shine light on the importance of each of their teammates working towards a common goal.”

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