Brock Radio Referendum cancelled

Brock Radio was set to go back to referendum for the third time in five years, but that won’t be happening anymore.

Brock University Students’ Union’s annual October By-Elections was going to include the question: Do you support the creation of a $1.75 per credit fee to fund Brock University Student Radio (CFBU) starting Spring 2019, as per the Memorandum of Understanding?. However, Brock Radio, also known as CFBU 103.7 FM, did not complete their petition in time to run the referendum.

Brock Radio will attempt to have their referendum voted on in the February or March elections.

In 2013, the campus radio station at Brock (located off-campus) lost their funding after 53.8 per cent of students voted no to continue the $.50 per credit fee (3,175 total student votes). Last March, 54.5 per cent of students also voted no to recreate a per credit fee for Brock Radio, which would’ve been $1.75 per credit. A total of 4,077 students voted in that referendum.

Undergraduate students will still have the opportunity to vote on five Brock University Students’ Administrative Council seats, two Senate seats and the Student Engagement Levy Referendum.

The voting period runs through October 23-25. Ballots can be found on your BrockU email.

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