Brock Improv Club crowns pumpkin king


The Brock Improv Club had a show entitled “RISE OF THE PUMPKIN KING” last week. Performers and audience members participated in the unique, festive experience.

The introduction and scene changes were presented by Kate Harkin, a member of the Brock Improv Club, who attended the night in a witch costume.

One scene that prompted a strong audience reaction was based upon another Halloween spook: scary things people might say to you. The crowd yelled out suggestions such as “I loved you” and “you are failing this class,” as well as “you’re pregnant.” This highlighted the wide range of experiences in the crowd as everyone had differing ideas of what they’d be terrified to hear.

Other scenes included a mock interrogation and a party, each taking on festive elements. The audience voted to decide the star of the day. Ultimately, it was Jeffrey Toop who took the crown and was named Pumpkin King.

The Friday event, held at Welch Hall, ran from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. and also featured student performers Olivia Blevins, Thomason Cooper, Matthew Martin, Asenia Lyall, Cameron Weir, Jason Seng, Johnathon Freeman, Kaedyn Brouse Kristina Kuhnert and Katie Foshey.

Brock has many Dramatic Arts students who contribute to performance on campus, and these individuals work alongside students studying in a variety of programs. Performers from the club belong to departments such as Political Science, English, Concurrent Education and more. The Brock Improv Club aims to welcome a diverse group of performers and audience members.

Voted club of the year for the 2017-2018 year, the Brock Improv Club has a host of awards as a club, with individual members also receiving accolades, such as 2017-2018 club executive of the year Paul Drotos.

The Brock Improv Club will continue to host weekly meetings to practice improvisational performance. These weekly meetings, known as jam nights to attendees, are held every Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m. in Thistle complex.

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