Breanna Jeremiah finds her footing as a university athlete


Breanna Jeremiah is a force to be reckoned with. While it’s just her first season with the Brock women’s rugby team, she’s already made a lasting impression with her play. In her second game with the team she scored a hat trick which she followed up with two tries in her third game.

Brock’s Sport Management program was a natural fit for Jeremiah. She was encouraged by her family to pursue her interest in business, but she also wanted to continue pursuing her love of sport.

Jeremiah has been an athlete since she was young. She first learned how to rollerblade and skateboard when she was three years old. She tried soccer, basketball and volleyball until she settled on rugby in grade nine. She played for her high school team for one year before it ultimately folded, but she chose to focus on rugby in the summer.

Jeremiah decided to try out for the rugby team once she knew she’d be studying at Brock. The three day process started in August, and Jeremiah spoke about the process in a way that framed it as brutally exhausting, but ultimately rewarding.

“I’ve never worked my body as much as I did before. But everyone was having a lot of fun, we were all sore so it wasn’t like ‘whoa it’s just me’,” said Jeremiah.

Teamwork and chemistry are at the heart of her game. The familial atmosphere that the team created is important to Jeremiah, as she puts high value on relationships and positivity. There are about 15 other rookies on the team to which many veterans have become mentor to.

“I’ve been doing it my whole life, I’ve been playing soccer, basketball volleyball,” said Jeremiah, “It just takes a lot of adjustment. I’m good at adapting, it just takes a lot of time management.”

If Jeremiah has a game on Saturday, her preparation routine will start on Thursday. Little things like making sure her nails are filed and her food is digested give her peace of mind. On Friday, the entire team gets together for practice and to run through the game. They have a team dinner and then the girls go their separate ways. Jeremiah likes to spend her nights relaxing and watching Netflix, ensuring that she’s adequately rested for the game the next day.

On game day, Jeremiah tends to keep to herself. She spends a lot of time running through plays in her own head.

“It’s a lot of visionary stuff. So this is probably the most important part of it, so that helps me, I listen to some rap and some pump up music and I think about how I feel about myself on the field,” said Jeremiah.

“I picture myself with the ball, without the ball, offense, defence. All these different case scenarios, and I envision them in the best way possible, no mistakes, nothing.”

The team is experiencing success that the Brock rugby program has not experienced in nearly a decade. Success that Jeremiah too has not experienced in her career.

“I’ve been on some pretty bad teams,” she said with a laugh and a smirk. “We work really hard so it’s nice to know that our hard work is actually making a difference in our game. It’s rewarding, and it’s not something I’m entirely used to, playing on teams that have either just been bad all together, or won all season and then lost in the finals.”

One thing that any observer can clearly see when they watch Jeremiah play, is her potential. Jeremiah is already an explosive player, strong, fast and crafty. One can only imagine how much farther she can develop.

Jeremiah is also hopeful, she said that she’d like to play at a more competitive level, but she’d rather not think too far ahead and jinx herself. Jeremiah can see the progress, commenting that she’s developed farther in the past month than she has in any sport over her entire life.

No athlete can grow without support. Jeremiah speaks highly of her coaches, her teammates and especially her mom.

“She’s the one person who’s always been by my side, [and] comes to every single one of my games. She just takes care of me and I feel like it’s been a little under-appreciated but I think she knows I care,” said Jeremiah.

Jeremiah is only at the beginning of her career and has already accomplished what might have taken some several years. She will no doubt be an exciting player to watch over the next few years.


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