Badgers lacrosse making winning look easy

Photo Credit: Mackenzie Gerry

Photo Credit: Mackenzie Gerry

It was no surprise when Brock beat Laurentian by 17 goals on Saturday.

Latrell Harris opened up the scoring for Brock 12 seconds into the first quarter. Kurtis Woodland followed his lead and scored two minutes later. Connor Ham and Grayson Houghton scored in the back half of the first. The Badgers only allowed a single goal.

The Badgers were offensively dominant in the second. Six goals were scored; the first two were from Campbell Parker. Alex Pace, Connor Aquanno, Latrell Harris, and Aidan Buis, scored one goal each. Kurtis Woodland scored his second of the game on a power play in the last minute of the second quarter. As well as dominating offensively, Brock was also strong defensively, allowing just one goal on two shots.

Laurentian came back after halftime with a newfound determination. taking more than twice as many penalties as they did in the first half. The third and fourth quarters were rougher and higher contact than the first two. Brock and Laurentian each took two penalties in the third.

The first five minutes of the second half went scoreless, but Brock opened scoring with a goal from Davis Neal. One minute later, Kurtis Woodland scored his third of the game — both goals were assisted by Tyrus Rehanek. The Badgers allowed one goal from Laurentian to sneak past them, but they quickly answered back with a goal from Connor Ham, also assisted by Rehanek.

The fourth quarter began with a flood of goals from the Badgers. Saul van der Zalm scored in the first minutes of play. Grayson Houghton scored his second of the game, while Connor Ham scored his second and third within five minutes. Patrick Fitzhenry, who seemed to be Laurentian’s only saving grace in this game, scored his third of the match, bringing Laurentian’s goal total to three. Fitzhenry scored on the powerplay, a small victory cut short by a short handed goal from Chris Weier. Kurtis Woodland scored the last goal of the quarter, his fourth of the game.

Ethan Low played the entire game in net, facing 15 shots and allowing three goals.

The Badgers picked up the 20-3 win.

The Badgers are a strong team with amazing depth. Like any good team, they have their offensive stars, but they also have younger players who contribute in ways other than assaulting the opponent with shots. They have excellent defense and strong goaltending. The men communicate extraordinarily well on the field, focus never shifting from the task at hand.

Brock remains second in the Western conference of the CUFLA. They’re behind Western University, who remain undefeated in the regular season. Western is also the only team that Brock has been defeated by thus far. The Badgers faced the Western Mustangs in the final of the Baggataway cup last season, this was Brock’s first appearance in the finals since 2011, an appearance which ended in a 16-14 defeat of the Badgers. The Mustangs have won the past two championships. Brock has not won since 2009.

Badgers teams of the past have dominated the CUFLA; in the 1990s and early 2000s, it was not uncommon for the Badgers to go undefeated in the regular season and take home the championship for five or six years in a row.

Recently, Guelph, McMaster, and Western have found themselves at the top.

The Badgers have all the pieces necessary for a winning team, at this point all they can do is play their best and hope that the pieces fall into place.

There are four games left in the regular season before the Baggataway Cup in Toronto. They’re not there yet, but this win over Laurentian has gotten them one step closer.

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