A frightful amount of Halloween events in Niagara


So, you’ve already exhausted all your haunted house options and you’ve officially seen every horror movie ever made. It doesn’t mean Halloween (which, according to Twitter, is now a month long celebration) has nothing left to offer you. Niagara has an abundance of options for anyone looking to indulge in the Halloween season in the lead up to the holiday. With the people around the area always ensuring the arts are kept alive and well in our culture, you’ve got everything from classic Halloween films to a variety of different music to look forward to.

This weekend, the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls welcomes Rue Morgue’s Frightmare in the Falls. It’s a two day festival featuring just about everything a horror fan could ask for. Guests making an appearance at the festival include Doug Bradley (best known as Pinhead from Hellraiser) and Tommy Lee Wallace, the director of Halloween III and the IT miniseries, among others. The event will also be home to a number of special effects makeup shops and exhibits of horror film paraphernalia. Panel topics range from makeup demos to LGBT+ perspectives on horror to mummification. It’s certainly an event for horror fans of all kinds, but offers workshops and panels for anyone who is particularly interested in working creatively in film.

For film enthusiasts looking to get in the Halloween spirit, The Film House is screening two 1990s horror films you may have already seen but definitely can’t forget. On October 27 they will screen The Silence of the Lambs. You should really have watched this as soon as pumpkin decorations started going up, but if you haven’t (or you just can’t get enough), nothing beats the big screen experience for a thriller like this. Halloween itself will see a showing of 1995’s The Phobe: The Xenophobic Experience, a low-budget alien film from the mind of a Niagara filmmaker. This film was specifically voted on to be shown by interested filmgoers in a poll with two others, something the Film House puts together every year.

Warehouse Concert Hall has a variety of Halloween-inspired events around the corner. If Stranger Things or Slipknot tribute bands aren’t your speed, a particularly timely event is Brownman Ali’s annual Halloween Thriller concert. On Oct. 30, treat yourself to a performance of the Michael Jackson’s Thriller (with other classic MJ thrown in the mix, of course) by the acclaimed jazz and hip-hop trumpet player alongside the Brownman Electryc Trio. The concert is sure to evoke nostalgia yet leave you interested with the unique interpretation the group has put together.

This upcoming Friday, theatre fans can enjoy an ‘Oh Canada Eh?’ production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Niagara Falls.

This is the 16th year ‘Oh Canada Eh’? has put on their version of the Richard O’Brien classic just in time for Halloween. Not only is the performance itself something to look forward to, but it’s put on with the intent to help the community. All funds from participation kits purchased at the performance are going towards Positive Living Niagara’s Client Assistance Program as an important tradition that’s been happening as long as the show has.

We’re all far too uncomfortably old for trick-or-treating now, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to indulge in the spookiest season of the year. There’s something out there for everyone to celebrate the season with — in fact, these are only a few of the things on Niagara’s schedule of October events. With the variety of gems decorating the city this year, there’s got to be something to please the inner child in you still obsessed with all things Halloween.


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