Women’s rugby destroying OUA Russell division


The Brock women’s rugby team is a sight to behold. They have power, speed and an undeniable chemistry that can be seen every time they take the field.

The Badgers defeated the Waterloo Warriors 65-5 in their Homecoming game, which saw many alumni in attendance. Brock scored their first try early in the first half, and their dominance continued from there. Brock consistently put up points, ending the first half with an unanswered 36 point lead.

The Badgers were crafty and fast. Niamh Haughey, who scored a single try, was particularly impressive in this regard. As soon as she received the ball, she streaked up the field with an explosion of speed that left the Warriors stunned. The Waterloo players were powerless to stop her as she sidestepped every attempted tackle, outrunning and outsmarting their defense.

The second half went about the same as the first; the Badgers put up points, Waterloo tried to respond and Brock denied them any opportunity to do so.

With 10 minutes remaining in the second half, the Warriors rallied to put themselves on the scoreboard. Their single try would not be enough to stage a comeback, and within the remaining time, the Badgers put up two tries of their own along with a conversion to extend the lead.

Both teams had outstanding commitment to the game. Waterloo wanted a victory, and they fought hard for it. However, every time they came close to scoring, Brock would come back with a spectacular defensive effort, shutting down any opportunity to get on the board.

There’s something about this team that is only apparent when you watch them play together; the atmosphere surrounding them is electric. It starts the second they take the field to warm up, and is especially visible when the women huddle up before the game starts. The Badgers can be heard stomping, clapping and chanting, “Let’s get fired up!” repeatedly until it culminates in a burst of energy from their bench.

This energy carries over into the game and might be the key to the Badgers success. They create a positive atmosphere where the women can grow together, as students, as people, and as rugby players. Every girl on the team holds high standards for performance.

The team is undefeated in the regular season, yet they still focus on improving. They always look for some flaw in their performance, something that can be rethought, or practiced and as a result every week, they get better. Winning alone doesn’t seem to be enough for this team. They want flawless execution, they want high energy, and they want to dominate.

Taylour Hurd scored four tries and kicked a conversion. Meagan Hart kicked five conversions. captain Katelyn Heyens scored two tries and Niamh Haughey, Breanna Jeremiah, Hope Blackmore, Taylor Moore, and Holly Murphy all scored one each. Torry Bostock, Melodie Shantz, Aleah Boersma, Livia Gubco,and Alex Azzopardi all had stand out games as well, providing excellent scoring opportunities for their teammates.

The women play next Saturday at Trent at 5:15 p.m to close out their regular season.

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