Why did you decide to join The Brock Press?

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“This is my fifth year working for The Brock Press. My passion for writing originally started with sports, but The Brock Press has allowed me to expand my horizon through many other topics of writing. I’ve also been able to grow my leadership skills and other skill-sets.”

Satbir Singh
Labour Studies
5th Year

“I have always had a passion for writing and for sports. Working at The Brock Press allows me to combine those two passions with the hopes of providing students a great resource available to them on campus.”

Izzy Cropper
Physical Education
3rd Year

“As a student who is studying social media and wishes to pursue media communications full time, I jumped at the opportunity to be this year’s Social Media Editor. This job allows me to recall everything that I’ve learned in the classroom and apply it to the digital culture of The Brock Press.”

Stephanie Lasica
Media and Communication Studies, Concentration in Digital Culture
4th Year

“Being part of the Arts and Culture section gives me a great opportunity to get involved in the wonderful creative community that lives in St. Catharines. We’re blessed to have such a thriving musical, theatrical and artistic scene and I’m delighted that I get to take part in it by being here.”

Cameron Tyson
English Literature
4th Year

“I’ve always had a passion for writing and the arts, and the Brock Press allows me to explore both. It also gives me the opportunity to experience the unique artistic culture around St. Catharines.”

Christina Morrison
Media and Communications
3rd Year

“As an arts major, I don’t often get an opportunity to talk about sports,which is something that I tend to be very passionate about. When I saw the hiring ads, I decided to take a chance and apply. This job lets me combine two things that I love, writing and sports.”

Holly Morrison
Dramatic Arts
1st Year

“I’d been reading The Brock Press since first year, and saw the hiring ads right when I was preparing to leave my previous job; it was basically fate. All of the work I had been doing since high school came together to make the news section my perfect match. News and I are very excited to be starting our new life together and sharing this fresh start with all of you.”

Allison Ives
Business Administration
4th Year

“I’ve always loved to write but have never done it outside of school work. I thought the Brock Press would allow me the opportunity to learn more about writing articles and help me to develop better writing skills.”

Sydney Mumford
Child Health with a Minor in Psychology
2nd Year

“During Halifax Basketball Trip Satbir jokingly said I should apply to The Brock Press for the photography position so I did! I am usually at most sporting events anyways, so with The Brock Press I am able to share my photos around campus and to the public!”

Mackenzie Gerry
Sport Management
3rd Year

“I have a passion for sports and The Brock Press provides a great opportunity to gain experience, fine tune my writing and get involved in the Brock community.”

Brendan Ballantyne
Sport Management with a Minor in Labour Studies
4th Year

“I have always been passionate about both sports and writing, and The Brock Press offers me the chance to express both of these passions in a creative way.”

Jonah Dayton
Sport Management
1st Year

“I’ve always loved taking pictures casually, and when a friend showed me the posting for a new photographer, I thought it would be a lot of fun.”

Zoe Archambault
Child Health
3rd Year

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