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Sidelines from September through until week one in January revolves around results of college football games, coach or manager firings, major trades, and so forth.

Today is different. Today, one event, a few moments, and two extremely talented female athletes are taking the spotlight in Sidelines: Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka at the US Open final.

Quite frankly, the emotion at the US Open final was the most I have ever seen watching a tennis match of any level. Now, granted, I don’t watch enough tennis for my observation to mean much, but I think plenty of people would agree it was a match that will be talked about for years to come.

Serena Williams’ confrontation with the official was an emotional one. I understand the side of the argument that is — be accountable for your actions during a game/match. What I don’t understand is people who have an issue with Williams saying that she has seen men argue with officials and not face any penalty for doing so — and somehow her sticking up for equality is an issue. Williams is right in sticking up for the fact that women still get treated differently in sports. It doesn’t matter if it’s women’s or men’s — the old age thinking that women shouldn’t play sports or that women shouldn’t be allowed to fight in sports because it’s not ladylike … while we’re certainly passed the idea that women should not play sports, and have gotten to a point where the debate is now whether or not men should have fighting, there is still inequality in sports. It’s evident, and good on Serena Williams for speaking her mind.

To add to the off court drama, Naomi Osaka was being booed at the podium while being presented her US Open championship, and Serena got on the microphone to tell the crowd how well her opponent played. Though Williams lost the match, she had a lot of wins as an athlete and advocate for women’s sports, and she had a big win for sportsmanship.

In the college football world this weekend, Clemson beat Texas A&M in a narrow 28-26 game that put the Aggies at 1-1, and Clemson at 2-0. While the records don’t mean much, and, a lot can happen the rest of the way, Clemson has put themselves in a good spot to make the CFP if they make the ACC championship game and win.

Jimbo Fisher’s former team in Tallahassee did not have such a great weekend. Though they are also 1-1, they were destroyed by Virginia Tech on Labour Day, and barely escaped FCS Samford. Not Stanford. Sam-ford — Samford. Willie Taggart’s team is not off to the best start, but hey, Jimbo went 5-6 in his final season in Tallahassee, so Taggart still has plenty of chances to outdo last season.

Notre Dame was underwhelming against Ball State — a MAC team, only putting up 24 points and giving up 16 in what was a much closer contest than it should have been. While the win over Michigan was good, the Irish certainly haven’t made much of a statement after week two.

Ole Miss gave up 41 points to Southern Illinois in an unsatisfying 76-41 win. The Rebels defense was atrocious, and in for their biggest challenge of the season week three against number one ranked Alabama. While the Rebels offense has managed to put up 123 points in two games, their defense has shown no sign that they are ready for the likes of Tua Tagovailoa and the Tide offense — who through two weeks — have put up 108 points, with a defense who have only given up 21 points in that same span.

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