Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship commences


The Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship program will run for the fifth consecutive year at Brock University.

Brock’s BioLinc program is supposed to encourage students to explore innovative ideas and to advance them into an early stage of their entrepreneurial aspirations. This is mainly targeted for Niagara youth between the ages of 18 and 29.

The program accepts up to 35 young entrepreneurs and provides them with two intensive weekends of training, monthly seminars and events. It also provides mentorship and advisory services supplied by both BioLinc, Innovate Niagara and Niagara’s Regional Innovation Centre.

This program aims to leverage the considerable expertise of both the programs and services at Brock University alongside the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Niagara in an attempt to provide the young entrepreneurs with the training activities and resources which will help them to succeed.

When speaking to the BioLinc Coordinator Cassie Prince and to the Manager of BioLinc  Dan Lynch they said, “Students and companies success are the best thing to have emerged from our program.”

Lynch mentioned that BioLinc measures success differently from typical academic standards because they prefer to view it as the first attempt at learning, instead of failure.

Both emphasized that the program is open to not only Brock Students but to entrepreneurs and companies across Niagara.

The program “is a resource we hope to provide to all students from all disciplines. A lot of our current entrepreneurs are spreading the word through various events they are involved in. So, we are really starting to make an impact across the whole campus,” Prince said.

Lynch added, “In addition to being on the experimental co-curriculum side of entrepreneurship we are hoping to be a part of academic entrepreneurship stream and available to all students in all disciplines.”

For students who are interested in the thought of starting their own company but don’t have a fully formed  idea or are only in the early stages of their enterprise, Prince encourages them, “to become [more] involved by becoming a BioLinc resident or by volunteering on another enterprise team.”

BioLinc is currently situated in the Cairns complex but will be moving to the Rankin Pavillion.  This will provide the organization with an additional 18,000 square feet, allowing BioLinc to expand the spaces and resources they provide to students.

The Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship program is part of the On-Campus Entrepreneurship Activities (OCEA) program that is an initiative of the Government of Ontario under the Youth Jobs Strategy and is being managed by Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE).

This project has a lot of considerable partners including Brock University and Innovate Niagara as well as other partners provided by the Government of Ontario’s OCEA program.

OCEA is a program that assists BioLinc to launch Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship that is a hands-on entrepreneurship training program for Niagara youth.

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