Involvement in the community important for student success

Brock has a unique feel to the campus and community around it. It’s not like going to the University of Toronto, where you’re surrounded by other nearby universities and colleges, as well as a city with plenty of people who aren’t there for school. The size of Brock’s student body and the fact that it is the only university in the Niagara region allows students a great opportunity to immerse themselves in the community.

While the university has plenty of extracurriculars, jobs, and volunteer opportunities to offer their students, there are plenty of places and local businesses where Brock students are able to get involved.

Aside from just getting involved with internships, volunteer opportunities, or jobs off-campus, there is also a need for Brock students to support local business and causes around the Niagara region. So much of the community in Niagara has ties to Brock, whether it be students, professors, alumni, or even families whose kids participate in Brock camps or classes. Students should take advantage of the networking available to them in Niagara, because plenty of connections during their undergraduate or graduate degrees can help them as they move through the early stages of their career.

Personally, when people ask me why I chose Brock, my answer is always the same. I chose Brock because I felt that there were going to be the opportunities I wanted outside of school to help me continue to grow and make connections in the field I hope to work in after graduation. There were course elements of the school itself that also made me want to come here, but it was clear from the first time I came to visit Brock and see the St. Catharines community that there was an ability to balance opportunities at Brock and opportunities off-campus.

A great thing about Brock is that during first year, there are plenty of opportunities on-campus, making it easy for first-year students living on residence to get involved (despite possibly not having their own transportation). Many of those opportunities in first-year, though you may not want to continue with in your second year, can provide you connections to the next new thing you want to do.

Always remember that you could meet someone anywhere on or off-campus who may turn out to be the right connection for you. There are people widespread throughout the Niagara region who are able to help students at Brock connect with people in their field of study, mentors, or even provide a volunteer or internship opportunity.

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