For students, making time for things you want to do is important


For students, it can be all too easy to let life turn into a weekly repeat of school, work, studying, more work, some sleep and no fun. While getting an education and being prepared for classes, exams and upcoming assignments is extremely important, finding balance in life is also important.

It’s important that students are making more out of the time they spend doing the stuff they have to do, so that there is time to do things they want to do. If any student were to ask themselves when the last time was they read a book (that wasn’t for a class) what would their answer be? For me — reading a book start to finish in a reasonable amount of time — it’s been at least a year. Sure, it’s easy to read a chapter here and there, or read a book over winter break, but even the weeks we have off (fall and winter reading weeks) is there ever time for anything but school, work and sleep?

All the hours spent studying, are they studying with just your notes and your focus — or is it studying with your laptop open, Netflix in the top corner of your screen, a powerpoint up on the right side and the test review on the left? How many distractions are there when you’re trying to get a reading done for class? How many times do we check our phones and scroll through social media, even when we know nothing has changed in the past two minutes since the last time we scrolled through our feed?

In the time it took me to write this article, I scrolled through Twitter four times, checked Instagram once, Facebook once, responded to text messages that were not urgent, and refreshed my email three times. Of all those times I allowed myself to get distracted, I discovered only one new thing that I found interesting: someone has put sewing needles in strawberries somewhere in the world. So, nothing that drastically changed my day or this article — and certainly nothing that couldn’t have waited to be read after I had finished doing what I needed to do.

I think that all of us, as students, can put a lot more focus into the school and work we do, and make more out of that time, which will hopefully leave us all with more time to relax and do things that don’t stress us out.

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