Brock’s annual Homecoming is back


Homecoming: The weekend where Brock rolls out the red carpet will take place on September 21 to 23. Whether you are a current student or an alumni returning for your reunion, there will always be something for everyone.

Originally, alumni were invited in hopes of  reuniting them with their old peers.

Homecoming, formally known as “Brock Days” has been a weekend tradition at Brock University for more than 50 years. Thousands of current students and alumni anticipate this weekend for weeks to come.

Joe Kenny, graduating class of M Ed. ’85 spoke about his memorable time at Brock’s homecoming.

“One student came back and explained to me that he learned after graduation, that ‘every day was an interview’. I often share [this] with fourth-year students because it is so true,” Kenny said.

“Homecoming is a special time to reconnect with many good friends. It’s a time to revisit cherished memories, some of which were so zany that we are glad cell phones were not invented back then.”

When asked what homecoming meant for second year students, Katie Oberle and Madi Baker, they said it [was] a time to get together with friends.

“During [the] homecoming weekend, I like to spend time with my friends, take a step back from the first couple weeks of school and even meet new people,” Oberle said.

“Homecoming makes me feel like I’m really involved at school, I think it’s a really great way to build spirit and a sense of community.” Baker said.

Some of the events worth mentioning are the a grape stomp, an event that never fails to have students laughing with friends, and the Steel Blade Classic Tailgate Party that takes place next to the Marilyn I. Walker School.

The Steel Blade Classic is the annual hockey event that happens after the tailgate party, where you can cheer on your fellow Badgers. This hockey game is a time to witness current students and alumni showing their Badger pride. Katie Marino, an intern working in alumni relations, spoke about the 2018 homecoming.

“Since the 50th anniversary, we have seen these events grow in popularity year after year,” Martino said. “It was through this transformation that the homecoming weekend we all know and love was born.”

Throughout the weekend several different teams can be seen on the Alumni Field taking on competition from all over Ontario.

Sports for the weekend include women’s rugby, men and women’s soccer, and men’s lacrosse.

Sydney Sica, a player on the women’s soccer team, says that, for her, a lot of mental and physical preparation goes into homecoming weekend.

“I mentally prepare for a game through concentration, reflecting on the little things I need to do on the field to help bring our team to success. Physical preparation starts before the game, which I do by drinking a lot of water, eating proper meals and resting my body,” Sica said.

As Sica mentioned, a lot of preparation is put into homecoming weekend by faculty, staff, varsity athletes and students.

Paige Allensen said that she feels it’s important to have that day planned out before you head out.

“Planning out your day ahead of time is really important, [as well as] knowing how you are getting [there]. Not forgetting your ticket and arriving early enough to get a good seat. [is key],” Allensen said.

Allensen recalls that sometimes [she] gets stressed out but then remembers homecoming is a weekend to enjoy.

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