Brock welcomes the next group of scholars

Photo Credit: Zoe Arcumbault

Photo Credit: Zoe Archambault

Over 2,400 students moved into Brock University on September 2.

The incoming students, returning students and international students, were each moved into one of Brock seven on campus residences.

Due to the immense volume of students that arrived at Brock on Sunday, each student and their family was given a one hour window of time to arrive in between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., in an attempt to avoid severe traffic congestion and to ensure there were enough faculty and student volunteers to aid the incoming students. As families continuously arrived and pulled into their designated unloading areas there were over 600 Brock University student volunteers present to help unload items for the students and get them settled into their new homes.

These student volunteers came from a variety of sources. From athletic teams to student clubs and groups, these students volunteered their time and effort to help these incoming students have a wonderful start to their new life at Brock.

Volunteer Kartika Guar reflected on her experience taking part in moving day both as a first-year student, and now a fourth year student.

“I’m going into my fourth and final year at Brock and it has been such a crazy journey for the past four years,” said Guar. “I remember when I moved in as a first-year how nerve wracking it was for me with all the new faces and so much information to take in.”

Guar reflected fondly on her time as a first year student moving into Brock for the first and was grateful for all the support she was provided as an incoming student at Brock. This was part of the reason she chose to now volunteer and provide that same support to students.

“I know feel extremely privileged to be able to help out at move in day alongside the entire team and help first years get comfortable since we can all draw from our experiences and relate to incoming Badgers,” said Guar. “It’s going to be a great year and were all looking forward to it.”

Guars Sentiments were echoed by student Catrina De Angelis who moved into Brock residence over the weekend.

“Move in day can be a stressful and busy time so it’s nice to see the Brock Community coming together to help everyone out,” said De Angelis.

The student volunteers were easy to spot with their ‘ASK ME’ buttons which were originally launched through the BrockU 4U campaign. By highlighting the volunteering students to incoming families, it made it easy for students to ask for help from their peers who many found it to be more comfortable working alongside the volunteers because of these buttons.

There were also ‘Ask Me’ booths set in particularly busy areas of campus to help students find a place to ask questions or voice any concerns. These booths were manned by trained student ambassadors who were ready to answer all questions regarding moving into the University. These booths will remain for the rest of the month as Brock wants to ensure students feel supported through the entirety of their time here.

It was not only students who volunteered, but hundreds of Brock staff were also available to ease the transition into living at the university. In addition to volunteering, many departments were open throughout the day including Residences, Dining halls, Parking services, IT Help Desk, Brock Student Card Office, Campus Store and the Walker Sports Complex.

Move in day is a Brock tradition and provides students the opportunity to meet their Dons and other Residence Life Staff members from their buildings, alongside the other students who will become their friends and neighbours over the coming year.  However, it was not simply just a packing and boxing day. The Students Union and the Residence Life Office provided ample opportunities for student to mingle and enjoy their very first day at Brock through exciting events like the kick off party at Weather Field Station which allowed students to meet their executives, see their school, ride and win amazing Brock swag items. There was also an off-campus barbeque at Isaacs Patio to welcome both students who live on and off campus as, regardless of where students choose to live

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