Brock University to host a Medical Make-A-Thon

On September 20, Brock University will host the Medical Make-A-Thon event. According to the event’s organization, it will provide participants with a chance to learn how to “3D print, curate, or create life-saving or life-changing solutions for remote or rural settings.” Participants will gain insight into the intersection of 3D printing and humanitarian initiatives, developing solutions to real life problems.

The best designs will be 3D printed on 3D4MD’s humanitarian 3D printing system at the Mars Desert Research Station by a Medical Makers crew, an organization dedicated to sustainable solutions, of analog Martian astronauts.

Brock University student Koah Ing is part of a team consisting of himself Fayyaz Rizvi, Budr Meqdadi, and Rodrigo Vega.

Students were looking for resources on campus to apply their experience from the innovative atmosphere to help people globally. After many pitches, and considerable time and effort, they were fortunate to partner with BioLinc and 3D4MD to create the Brock chapter of the Canadian Medical Makers Society. Their organization has since created functional prostheses, stethoscopes, laptop stands, educational aids, and more.

Ing described the Medical Make-A-Thon as an opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to unleash their creativity and problem-solving skills to 3D print medical solutions in the intent of saving lives, time, and money.

A number of medical and 3D design specialists from Toronto will be providing instruction and printers, so all members will have the chance to print their own designs and see them in action.

For Ing, it was an integral way to combine “critical and creative thinking in a productive way, in addition to improving the collective ability and to problem solve.”

Ing continued, “It’s allowed us to learn all about the complexities of 3D design from an applicative standpoint, leading us to pursue further innovation and even affecting some of our careers.”

The aim is that this event will provide a  ‘crash course’ allowing students to improve their problem-solving skills, learning about the amazing new technologies that are becoming more and more prevalent as time goes on, and how these innovations  will be helping  people.

Ing stated the aim was “ to get people hyped about wanting to help people both in Canada and abroad and to draw more people into improving their everyday lives through 3D design.”

Ing’s team is forming with the CEO of 3D4MD – Dr. Julielynn Wong who will be joining them to run the event and providing the event with their 3D design instructors and printers.

“They will be providing us with expertise and training so attendees will gain real, hands-on experience that can immediately go towards helping the greater community. My team has had the pleasure of working with Dr. Wong for the past year, and it is our privilege to have them contribute to this event,”Ing said.

According to Ing, the aim of this project is to begin pursuing patents and applying to assist the 3D printing division of the upcoming Mars mission. We plan to continue our pursuit of helping people around the world through innovation and recruiting more Brock students to join us in our pursuits. None of us had any experience in 3D design prior to this initiative, so anyone who genuinely wants to join us is more than welcome, regardless of prior experience.

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