Brock student selected as a candidate in CEO Bootcamp


12 countries. 4 different continents. One month.

The Adecco Group employs over 33,000 employees with 5,000 offices in 60 different countries. Their goal is to “become the most admired, innovative workforce solutions partner providing exceptional customer experience through talent and technology.”

They strive to empower people, fuel economies and enrich society. The Adecco Group “provides work for hundreds of thousands of colleagues and associates”, all over the world, “to ensure their clients have the talents and HR services that they need to be successful and to compete.

The Adecco Group runs a program called the Adecco Way to Work. This program offers you a unique, yearly, opportunity for you to become CEO for one month.

This competition runs in 47 countries and is open to anyone over the age of 18. The first step in this process is to complete the application that can be found online at

The application requires you to fill out a few questions about yourself and then complete a series of questions. If you are accepted you will begin to work closely with your team and the CEO of your country.

The announcement of all CEOs for one month, for this year, was announced on May 29, 2018. While individuals work with their teams and CEOs they are being closely watched by those who complete the second selection process.

The top 10 country CEOs are chosen for the next selection process. This process occurs in a major city as a boot camp competition. If you are chosen for this phase of the selection process, you are given the opportunity to be assessed through individual and team challenges.

Of these 10 candidates, one will be selected to become the Global CEO for one month and work alongside the CEO of the Adecco group, Alain Dehaze. You are paid a salary of 15,000 euros for you to further your career and education.

During your month of being a CEO you have the opportunity to travel the world, gain more knowledge in your field of work and meet people that can help to further you in your career. This year, the winner was announced on September 20.

Olivia Poulin, a fourth-year student at Brock, studying business administration co-op with a concentration in Marketing, participated in the CEO Bootcamp this year. Out of all of the participants, worldwide, Poulin made it to the top five candidates.

This competition helps to provide you with new skills and knowledge to be successful in your future career as well building on new ones. Poulin thinks that this competition provided her with unique opportunities to benefit her not only in her future career but her daily life also.

“Competing in the CEO for One Month program gave me an opportunity to refine my leadership, communication, and business skills, and it helped me gain confidence. I made lifelong friends at Bootcamp and established connections with global C-suite executives from all over the world,” said Poulin.

This boot camp is an exhausting time. It is mentally and physically challenging. It pushes you to your limits. It allows you to grow as an individual, and also as a student, in order to prepare you for your future.

“Bootcamp was exhausting but so exciting. We had such long days and we had to be “on” mentally at 100 per cent during many challenges and activities because we were always being evaluated. The other nine finalists and I became instant friends and we connected through each challenge — virtual reality, pitching a startup, solving a data breach media crisis, etc,” said Poulin.

Although the boot camp can be physically and mentally exhausting, as Poulin said, it is also very rewarding. Allowing you to meet others, broaden your opinions and views in certain situations and learn how to think critically.

“I learned more about how I operate as a leader in a group full of leaders. I connected with suite executives and gained a deeper in insight into the world,” said Poulin.

Be sure to check out for all the information on the competition.


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