Brock expands personal counselling

Credit: Brock University

Credit: Brock University

With an estimated 10 to 20 per cent of Canadian adolescents and young adults affected by a mental illness or disorder, personal counselling services have become paramount in universities. Brock University has recognized this and wants to guarantee that Brock students are supported at all times. This is why they are launching a new partnership with Morneau Shepell which is one of the world’s leading international human resource counselling organizations. Through this partnership Brock students will have access to personal counselling 24/7 every single day of the year starting on September 5. This new partnership will be offered in conjunction to Brock’s current counselling process.

Currently, the counselling services are provided free to Brock students and aim to give a welcoming and confidential space for students to address any mental health concerns they may be experiencing from disorders to social and emotional issues. Brock counsellors are all professionally trained having achieved a master’s degree in social work or mental health alongside years of working experience. However, the wait time to meet with a counsellor can span weeks due to the volume and limited number of counsellors available. By partnering with Morneau Shepell, Brock is ensuring their students have greater access to professional help.

Morneau Shepell is a leading human resource consulting and technology company. They take a cohesive approach to human resource consulting and are the leading provider to employee and family assistance programs in Canada. Typically personal counselling appointments are made in person starting from Sept. 1. Students can also access personal counselling at any time on any day through calling. Students can be immediately connected to a professional to help them navigate their issues.

This service is not exclusively provided to students as it will also be available to Brock faculty and staff members who can use the personal counselling number if they are concerned for a student or need guidance when providing support to their students.

Through the partnership Brock also offered its employees the chance to participate in the Workplace Mental Health Leadership Certificate Program a one day program that taught Brock employees how to practically and gently tackle mental health issues to manage performance and promote positive actions.

The program was designed for directors, supervisors and managers and similarly to personal counselling students will receive it focused on the Mental Health framework which involves prevention, early performance coaching, recovery, absence and return to normal function ability.

This innovative and enhanced personal counselling service is designed to seamlessly integrate into the already comprehensive student health programs provided by Brock University which included both physical and mental health services alongside wellness programs.

Having recognized the monetary strain, students covered by this service can access it completely free of charge. The personal counselling service is completely confidential and is provided to support students during university and periods of high stress such as moving away from home, making new friends and trying to navigate a different stage of life.

Students can book an appointment or access the crisis counselling by calling 1-833-BROCK-33 (27625).

For students currently studying abroad the service is still fully accessible to those outside North America by calling +1-416-382-3257.

For Brock students studying at the Hamilton campus in person counselling appointments are available at the Morneau Shepell office located in Hamilton.

For students interested in learning more about mental health services at Brock they can find additional information at or They can find more information on general support services at

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