Brock enrollment continues to spike


Brock University experienced a record-breaking enrollment rate this year with more than 19,000 students attending the university for the fall semester.

There was a six per cent rise in incoming students with over 5,000 new students having signed up for classes this term. Such an increase hasn’t been seen since 2003 when the province of Ontario disbanded Grade 13, causing enrollment rates to increase across the province.

Brock can now boast over 19,100 students which is surprising considering more than one per cent decrease in the number of high school graduates from across Ontario.

There are several reasons for the increasing enrollment to be happening.

First of all, Brock University’s substantial investment into infrastructure has vastly increased the services it can offer as a university with $22-million investments in the Goodman School of Business alongside the upcoming refurbishments to the main campus due to start later this year.

Second of all, the influx of international students has increased. Over 900 new international students from more than 68 countries have pledges to attend Brock, which is a 50 per cent increase from previous years.

We are seeing a larger number of students from a variety of markets.  Brock international Services is buzzing with new students, and activities, and support programming is more subscribed than ever.

Director of Brock International Student Services, Leigh-Ellen Keating said. “We encourage groups to partner with Brock International Services on programming that celebrates Brock and life in Niagara, and builds friendships across national boundaries.”

Based on the past five years of incoming international student data, the top four countries for  recruitment are Canada, China, India and Nigeria. Keating said that there were three main reasons for the increase in international students. The first is that Canada is increasingly being seen as a destination for international students, due to the high quality of life and strong employment prospects.

“Canada is known as a multicultural country that supports diversity and offers a great education at an affordable price,” Keating added.

The international centre is becoming more strategic with their recruitment approach.

“We have also strengthened our efforts with student support which has encouraged students to choose Brock,” Keating said.

The final reason for Brock’s record breaking enrollment rate is its highly accredited reputation on a global scale.

Brock’s investment in its programs such as sport management, accounting and concurrent education has been reflected in its increasing enrollment numbers and future employment rates.

“Brock’s forecasted enrollment surpassing 19,000 students this fall is a testament to the entire Brock community,” Vice Provost and Professor James Mandigo told Brock News. “Brock’s reputation for providing a world class student experience is becoming more known locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally. This is due to the commitment of our entire faculty, staff, students and alumni who every day makes our campus a warm and welcoming university where all students are supported in achieving their academic goals.”

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