Badgers bring the big guns for Open Mic


While the paint party was in full swing on Friday night, Brock’s GoLive musical group was hosting its own soiree just across the street. Isaac’s played host to ‘Badgers Got Talent’, an open mic night hosted by GoLive’s Kirk Danuco and propped up by performances from the GoLive band and Bridge 13 (a local band fronted by Brock student Isaac LeBlanc).

GoLive has been helping put together events like this for the last couple of years, everything from open mic nights to charity events and even concerts downtown St. Catharines designed to promote artists from Brock’s own community.

Momentum has really picked up recently and the turnout for Friday’s event was beyond expectations. Aside from the two planned acts, a huge number of talented individuals from Brock’s student body, including performances from a number of singers, a drummer and several original songwriters. One of the highlights included Candice, whose two-song set opened with Evanescence’s ‘Bring Me to Life’ and closed with ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’ (yes, from The Lion King. It was incredible).

But the best part of the night by far was the comradery of the Badgers who turned up. The audience showed nothing but support for the performers; people would walk up to the stage shy and nervous, but walk off to thunderous applause and praise.

It can be difficult to find ways for such a huge group of strangers to really connect in the way that the first week of university is designed to encourage. Knowing how to introduce yourself can be a struggle, no matter how encouraging people can be. But the Badgers Got Talent event achieved that on a huge scale; it broke the ice for a bar full of people. I guarantee you that every single person in that bar walked out with a new friend, which is something I find incredible.

GoLive is always creating opportunities for Brock students to showcase their musical talents; keep an eye out for more events like this in the future!

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