A predictable night at the Emmys

For once, the categories to keep an eye on at the Emmys were the comedies instead of the dramas. No one knew where the awards would go to between Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Good Place and Insecure, amongst many other worthy nominations. With a lineup like that, satisfaction should have been guaranteed regardless of the outcome. On the other hand, Game of Thrones adding another award for outstanding drama series to the collection was a result that shocked nobody.

Saturday Night Live’s Michael Che and Colin Jost hosted the event this year. The attempt to capture their ‘Weekend Update’ style felt out of place for the event and the overabundance of forced political jokes earned more eye rolls than laughter. There were still some successful gags, however. Che handing out “Reparations Emmys” comes to mind — even if it was at poor Bryan Cranston’s expense. I’m sure that spiteful (yet well needed) jab at Emmy voters for never giving The Wire a win was also well appreciated. After all, Donald Glover didn’t don whiteface just to be snubbed.

In the drama categories, Peter Dinklage managed to beat out co-star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in the race for best supporting actor. The only surprising thing to come Game of Thrones’ numerous wins is the number of people who have come out to denounce the show’s wins, citing many shows and actors who deserved the awards more. Considering Game of Thrones was up against shows like Westworld and The Handmaid’s Tale, the win was seen as a let down to many. The cast and crew behind The Crown and The Americans at least got their due, taking home two major awards each. The Americans had been long ignored by Emmy voters, so lead actor Matthew Rhys and the writers finally getting credit for the final season ensures the show goes out with a bang.

Comedy was anyone’s game. Barry had been a surprise standout from the past year, seeing Bill Hader take on a more serious role than “best actor in a comedy” suggests. Atlanta’s Teddy Perkins, king of the uncanny valley, made a guest appearance to honour Donald Glover’s nomination for juggling the roles of Earn Marks and Teddy himself.

Barry couldn’t completely lose out after raking in such favorable reviews from critics. Bill Hader and Henry Winkler picked up well-deserved awards for best actor in a comedy and best supporting actor in a comedy respectively. Out of all these nominees, though, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel came out as the big winner of the night, even beyond the comedy category,  picking up a total of five awards. It’s almost not a shock when you consider how well received the show is, but any of the other comedies could have easily done a full sweep by that standard.

The race between limited series was the tightest of all. Despite the many different nominees, it seemed as though Godless and The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story were the only series capable of winning any awards. American Crime Story grabbed three major awards while Godless managed two. Jeff Daniels of Godless beat out three different Crime Story actors alone to nab the title of 2018’s outstanding supporting actor. Crime Story creator Ryan Murphy is no stranger to the Emmys with the countless shows on his resume and their respective awards. With that in mind, many found themselves asking where Twin Peaks: The Return’s nominations come after a 26 year wait. Kyle Maclachlan did not even receive a nomination for tackling three roles.

Disappointment is always going to be had over award shows. Whether you’re annoyed about things like the triumphant final season of The Americans not walking away with much or Atlanta being ignored overall, the presentation of this year’s show left a lot to be desired for many viewers as well. The only thing television fans can do now is wait for next year, at peace with the knowledge that Game of Thrones only has one final year of sweeping the board.

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